Our Most-Loved Silver Bridal Jewelry


"Words cannot describe the happiness she feels inside. She is the most beautiful bride.  She gasps, as she realizes the gravity of the moment when her eyes lock with her beloved, from across the aisle."

About the Collection: A wedding day is a very special day for any bride and the beauty of true love is something that words simply cannot fully describe. Capturing grace and elegance, each of our most-loved Bridal pieces are delicately handcrafted to create that intimate and organic moment.  Here, at Kristen Baird®, we are so honored to be a part of your remarkable and beautiful journey, by providing you with jewelry that is not only a symbol of love and celebration, but also become heirlooms to be treasured in years ahead. 

Splash 15mm Cuff (Two-Stone) Trio - by Kristen Baird®

Splash Gem Cuff


Pearl Studs

Pearl Studs


Splash Bangle

Splash Bangle


Pearl Bar Necklace by Kristen Baird®

Pearl Bar Necklace


Crystalize Stud Earrings

Crystalize Earrings


Dawning Earrings with Patina_Kristen Baird®

Dawning Earrings

From $200.00

Double Pearl Splash Earrings by Kristen Baird®

Double Pearl Earrings


Pearl Necklace_White Pearl_with and without Patina_Kristen Baird®

Pearl Necklace


10mm Round Cut Ripple Rings_Onyx, Sky Blue Topaz, Pink Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Lemon Quartz, White Topaz_Kristen Baird Jewelry

10mm Round Cut Ripple Ring


Hammered Pearl Bangle by Kristen Baird®

Hammered Pearl Bangle


Pearl Fringe Earrings

Pearl Fringe Earrings


Bubble Studs (6) by Kristen Baird

Bubble Studs

From $75.00

Mini Splash Cuff

Mini Splash Cuff


10x12mm Oval Cut Ripple Ring - Whisky Quartz, Green Amethyst, Peru Chalcedony, Rutilated Quartz, Onyx_Kristen Baird Jewelry

10x12mm Oval Cut Ripple Ring


Ripple Ring 12mm Round Cut Pink Amethyst Ring by Kristen Baird®

12mm Round Cut Ripple Ring


Shimmer Studs - Blue Topaz - by Kristen Baird®

Shimmer Studs

From $275.00

Luminous Necklace on Model_Kristen Baird®

Luminous Necklace


Orbit Necklace Statement

Horizon Statement Necklace


12x16mm Emerald Cut Ripple Ring Duo_Onyx + Amethyst_Kristen Baird®

12x16mm Emerald Cut Ripple Ring


Ripple Ring Builder 8x10 Emerald Cut Blue Topaz by Kristen Baird®

8x10mm Emerald Cut Ripple Ring


Ripple Ring Builder - 12mm Hexagon Cut Green Amethyst by Kristen Baird®.jpg

12mm Hexagon Cut Ripple Ring


Melt Necklace

Melt Necklace


Drizzle Necklace

Drizzle Necklace


Fleur Précieuse Necklace in Sterling Silver by Kristen Baird®

Fleur Précieuse Necklace


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