Our Values

Our Vision 

Create Moments

Capture Memories

Celebrate Milestones

Our Mission... 

to create meaningful, beautifully designed and skillfully crafted pieces of jewelry relevant to each stage of your life. Whether it be creating a moment with a uniquely designed engagement ring, capturing a memory with a sentimental heirloom redesign, or celebrating a milestone with a piece from our designer collection, we want to be there for you and with you all along the way! 

Our Core Values

  • Excellence in Design and Craft. We pride ourselves in presenting work that is expertly designed and masterfully crafted right here in our Savannah, Georgia studio. (Keeping our pieces Made in America!)
  • Dedication to Client Relationships. We want our client's experiences to be positive and empowering. Our clients are the reason we get the opportunity to make jewelry so they are top priority. 
  • Devotion to Social Responsibility. We are committed to purchasing ethically sourced materials, utilizing environmentally conscious practices, and promoting continuing education and wellness initiatives with our team members. 
  • Commitment to our Community. We love being involved with our community through mentoring the next generation, contributing our time to causes close to our heart, and donating our resources toward making our mark on this city that we love so much! 




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