7 Granddaughter Rings

"This just might be one of the sweetest and most touching surprise gifts that I've ever done. What a great way to reinvent grandma's jewelry into pieces that each of the 7 granddaughters will LOVE!" - Kristen

When this special client came to Kristen with an idea to make a piece of jewelry for each of her 7 nieces and daughters, in memory and honor of her mother (their grandmother), Kristen just had to jump in and be the one to make this dream a reality! Ready to start, Kristen and her Atlanta-based client met up at a local Savannah coffee shop. Yes, she traveled all the way here to make this Christmas surprise happen!

7 Granddaughter Rings Materials_Commission by Kristen Baird®

Kristen's client had a selection of heirloom jewelry from her mother, including a very sentimental 18K gold and diamond watch, but even though it was willed to her, she knew it truly would make her mother smile from above if this jewelry could be reinvented and gifted to the 7 granddaughters. 

7 Granddaughter Rings_Fabrication Stage_Commission by Kristen Baird®

Starting with a signature ripple band, Kristen created 7 rings in sterling silver, each having their own unique pattern and movement, but still all going wonderfully together.

7 Granddaughter Rings_The Setting Stage_Commission by Kristen Baird®

Portions of 18K gold from the watch and other jewelry were formed into granules and added to the bands. Then Kristen selected diamonds from the watch to fit into each gold granule and began the stone setting process. 

7 Grandaughter Rings_Packaging+Delivery_Commission by Kristen Baird®

The end result was 7 rings... each ring sized to fit each granddaughter perfectly... with their own unique "fingerprint", but all coordinating to form a wonderful stack of ring perfection! From Kristen's client, "On Christmas morning, there was a lot of happy squeals, joyful tears, and lots of smiles!"

7 Granddaughter Rings_Commission Redesign_Kristen Baird®

"Again, thanks so much for making these special rings!!! They are so pretty!!!" -KM

We LOVE projects like this. If you have an idea or would like to start on your own heirloom redesign, let's talk! As always, feel free to read more over at our commission process page!

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  • Kristin, I am just now seeing this. You did such a wonderful thing for us and these rings will be treasured and passed down.

    Kathleen Magbee

    Kathleen Magbee

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