Gallery 209 - Galleries Representing Kristen Baird Jewelry

Gallery 209 - Savannah, GA 

This historic co-op style gallery is housed in a renovated 1820’s cotton warehouse in River Street’s Factor’s Walk district. It’s been continuously operating in this location for 48 years! The gallery supports 31 incredible local artists in Savannah, and I’ve been blessed to be a part of it since 2013. They often carry my most unique and eclectic pieces such as one-of-a-kind rings and new never-before-seen experiments. Stop in to see my latest designs before they launch anywhere else!


Juelerye - Galleries Carrying Kristen Baird Jewelry

Juelerye - Artisan Gallery & Gifts - Mooresville, NC

Jacquie Bassett and I stumbled across each other on Instagram about five years ago and became instant fans. I was captivated by her incredible taste in artisan crafts and she loved my jewelry. After some time of liking posts back and forth and the occasional comment, one of us finally got up the nerve to send that fateful DM. Jacquie invited me up to Charlotte to meet her and her husband Nelson, and the rest is history. The Bassets are truly among the warmest and kindest people I’ve ever met, and Juelerye is a flawlessly curated collection. The store is even more stunning now that they’ve found their forever location in charming downtown Mooresville. I cannot recommend visiting them enough. (You can also shop Juelerye online!)

Grand Bohemian Gallery Charleston - Galleries Carrying Kristen Baird Jewelry

Grand Bohemian Gallery at the Grand Bohemian Charleston - Charleston, SC

The Charleston location was the second Kessler property I joined, and I’ve been there since it’s opening in 2015. It’s located in the heart of downtown Charleston, at the corner of Wentworth and Meeting Street. I’ve always considered Charleston to be a “sister-city” to Savannah, sharing much of that classic Southern charm. The gallery space here is gorgeous, modern, and quirky. Plus, there’s so much else to do! Make an afternoon of it with a visit to the gallery then a delicious lunch at the rooftop restaurant, Élevé, with views of the whole city. Finally, don’t miss the truly incredible wine-blending experience from the sommelier at their wine bar!

Grand Bohemian Gallery Asheville - Galleries Carrying Kristen Baird Jewelry

Grand Bohemian Gallery at the Grand Bohemian Asheville - Asheville, NC

If you’re planning a trip to Asheville you simply must visit the Grand Bohemian. This incredible lodge in Biltmore Village combines old world beauty with rich, textural details. Everything is cozy yet lush, rustic yet somehow decadent. The natural details and organic elements complement my own pieces perfectly and just put me in a mood for nature. Perhaps that’s why my Pearl Collection does so well here! Check out the gallery then enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail in the Red Stag Lounge.

Grand Bohemian Gallery Mountain Brook - Galleries Carrying Kristen Baird Jewelry

Grand Bohemian Gallery at the Grand Bohemian Mountain Brook - Mountain Brook, AL

Grand Bohemian’s Mountain Brook location couldn’t be more different from Asheville, yet is just as fabulous. This clean, glowing, white gallery is located off a rolling golf course just outside Birmingham. (Any Bama fans out there?) It’s filled with big, colorful, and bright pieces. It also happens to be within walking distance of a botanical garden! What could be more perfect?

Grand Bohemian Gallery Greenville - Galleries Carrying Kristen Baird Jewelry

Grand Bohemian Gallery at the Grand Bohemian Lodge - Greenville, SC

The newest location of the Grand Bohemian in Greenville is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s set over the falls of the Reedy River, and the natural stone interiors feel like an extension of the river itself. Rather than a separate space, the gallery is located right in the lobby, so it’s open 24-hours a day! You can check out my pieces on the way to dinner or a drink at the bar. If you come during business hours, you can chat with the truly exceptional gallery consultants. They are so knowledgeable and so supportive of my work!

Formia Design - Galleries Carrying Kristen Baird Jewelry

Formia Design - Charlottesville, VA

When I was a student at SCAD, I was fortunate enough to have an apprenticeship with the incredibly talented Mia Van Beek of Formia Design. This designer, goldsmith, and mom taught me so much about business and life in those early years, and it’s all come full circle! Formia Design is now carrying Kristen Baird® Jewelry in their beautiful Downtown Charlottesville storefront. Shop my pieces along with Mia’s and several other wonderful artists. Also, take a peek at Mia’s signature Kids Art line - jewelry inspired by your own children’s art!

Grand Bohemian Gallery Plant Riverside - Galleries Carrying Kristen Baird Jewelry

Grand Bohemian Gallery at Plant Riverside - Savannah, GA

The Plant Riverside district is considered the “gem of Savannah.”  Local hotelier and Grand Bohemian founder Richard Kessler has brought live music, shopping, and culture to this once-desolate section of River Street, which is now vibrant and full of life. The Grand Bohemian Gallery is located inside a fully restored historic power plant. Part art gallery, part museum, part event center, and part market, Plant Riverside is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Savannah and a prime gathering place for locals. Come admire the giant sparkling geodes, the life-sized dinosaur, and some Kristen Baird® jewelry! Then, spend the day exploring this eclectic hotspot. 

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