Commission Process

Working with Kristen

Definition of a Commission 

In art, a commission is described as an act of requesting a creation of a piece. In other words, it is a request for a custom jewelry project made in the style of that artist.

Kristen has the opportunity to create commissioned pieces of jewelry for a variety of occasions and for all types of people. Sometimes clients see her work online and would like to customize one of the pieces to fit their color, size, and style preferences. Or they have a precious life moment or piece of inspiration that they want to capture and turn into a unique work that they can cherish forever. And finally, many of Kristen’s commissioned pieces involve deconstructing and reimagining heirloom jewelry, which many people feel an intense attachment to and associate with sentimental memories.

Regardless of the reason, Kristen is honored to work with each and every commission client to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will last forever. So if you’re ready to begin the process, follow the commission steps below.

Step 1: Commission Inquiry Form 

If you haven’t done so already, please fill out the Commission Inquiry Form to the best of your ability. By filling out this form, you will provide Kristen with the initial details and ideas to create your commission piece. But don’t overthink it or stress about your answers. It is simply the first, yet essential, step in her commission process for Kristen to get to know you a little better. The entire process is meant to be fun, creative, and pain-free!

Consultation with Kristen Baird

Step 2: Consultation 

Once you submit your Commission Inquiry Form and Kristen reviews the details of your request, you should receive a follow-up email within three (3) business days. The purpose of this email is to schedule a consultation with Kristen – either via telephone or in person if you’re local to the Savannah area. A telephone consultation should take approximately 20 minutes, while an in-person consultation will take approximately 20-30 minutes. This initial meeting will give you and Kristen the opportunity to thoroughly review over the details of your project, such as design ideas, budget, timeline, and to address any questions about the process you may have.

Step 3: Design, Contract, and Estimate 

After the consultation and receipt of all necessary data, Kristen will begin drafting your design. Once you and Kristen agree on the direction of the design, a written contract will be sent to you via email. Along with the contract, you will receive specific details of your project, your final design, estimated cost, and a completion timeline.

Step 4: Deposit 

A non-refundable 65-80% deposit is due along with your signed contract. Kristen can then begin creating your masterpiece!

Masterpiece in the making by Kristen Baird

Step 5: A Masterpiece in the Making 

Since each client and commission piece is unique, the completion timeline can vary based on many factors. While Kristen is working on your masterpiece, be on the lookout for more emails from her with the progress she is making on your project. Kristen will typically check-in with you every one to two weeks or whenever milestones are met.

Commissioned Jewelry By Kristen Baird

So, is this process for you? 

The commissioning process is perfect for someone looking to be involved throughout the entire jewelry design and creation process. Kristen gets so much joy out of working with her clients directly and hearing how happy and delighted they are with the final result! To learn even more about the commission process, check out the blog article, Commissions: Working One-on-One with Kristen!
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