Bonjour Belle Collection


Bonjour Belle Collection by Kristen Baird®

Inspired by Lacoste. Designed in France. Sponsored by SCAD.
About the collection: Stroll through Kristen Baird® Jewelry’s newest jewelry-design collection, influenced by her whimsical, summer days spent in LaCoste, France. Gather vibrant flowers from a weekly, spirited provincial market. Duck behind colorful, medieval-arched doorways for an elusive embrace. Brush fingertips against ancient Roman castle walls—laced with fragile blooms, endless vines and romantic peepholes revealing the bold, organic palette of the valley below. Experience low-hanging branches bursting with deep-pink cherry blossoms, a patchwork quilt of bright emerald olive orchards and brilliant lavender fields awoken by buzzing bees in a sophisticated collection that bares every sensation imaginable—the Bonjour Belle Collection.
Petit Lavande Gem Necklace

Petit Lavande Gem Necklace


Une Fleur Petit Lavande Ring

Lavande Ring


Lavande Studs

Lavande Studs

From $95.00

Petit Lavande Gem Stud Earrings_Amethyst_by Kristen Baird®

Petit Lavande Gem Studs


Deux-Fleur de Cerisier Gem Earrings_Orchid Palette_Rhodalite Garnet_Garnet_Amethyst_Kristen Baird®

Deux-Fleur Gem Earrings


Fleur de Cerisier Longue Fringe Earrings_Iolite_Kristen Baird®

Fleur Fringe Earrings


Bouquet de Fleurs by Kristen Baird

Bouquet de Fleurs Cuff


Fleur de Cerisier Petit Gemstone Ring

Fleur de Cerisier Petit Gem Ring


Lavender Dangle Earrings

Lavande Earrings


Isle Sur la Sorgue Earrings by Kristen Baird®

Isle Sur la Sorgue Earrings


Glanum Earrings by Kristen Baird®

Glanum Earrings


Fleur de Deux Vignes Cuff by Kristen Baird®

Fleur de Deux Vignes Cuff


Collier de Fleurs by Kristen Baird®

Collier de Fleurs


Porte Bleue Necklace by Kristen Baird®

Porte Bleue Necklace


Lavande Necklace and Petit Lavande Necklace Size Comparison_Kristen Baird®

Lavande Necklace

From $100.00

Fleur Précieuse Necklace in Sterling Silver by Kristen Baird®

Fleur Précieuse Necklace


Avignon Earrings_Bonjour Belle Collection by Kristen Baird®

Avignon Earrings

From $175.00

Avignon Necklace by Kristen Baird

Avignon Necklace

From $180.00

Cinq-Fleur de Cerisier Necklace_Yellows_Kristen Baird®

Cinq-Fleur de Cerisier Necklace

From $300.00

Deux-Fleur Lavande Ring

Deux-Fleur Lavande Ring


Fleur de Cerisier Gem Ring_Bonjour Belle Collection_Kristen Baird®

Fleur de Cerisier Ring

From $195.00

Mur de Fleurs Cuff by Kristen Baird®

Mur de Fleurs Cuff


Petit Lavande Cuff

Petit Lavande Cuff


Porte Bleue Earrings by Kristen Baird Jewelry

Porte Bleue Earrings


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