Kristen Baird® Specialty Packaging!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love opening packages. There’s just something about getting that perfectly wrapped box in the mail that gets me all giddy inside. It’s so much fun! That’s why I’m not just a perfectionist about my jewelry… I’m a perfectionist about my packaging too! Here are all the gorgeous boxes, bags, and wrappings that Kristen Baird® has in store for you.

Kristen Baird Packaging - Signature Box

2023 NEW Release Signature Box with Suede Pouch

Our Signature Box has received a brand-new logo design for 2023 and it looks ah-mazing! Don’t worry - it still comes with our popular soft suede snap pouch inside, perfect for storing your favorite jewelry. Jewelry will arrive inside an additional plastic bag to protect it from humidity especially while in transit. This bag will also include a black anti-tarnish tab. I recommend you keep this tab with your jewelry to protect it! (Side note: If you want to order more of these tabs, check out our Jewelry Care blog!)

You can expect to receive this box with most of our pieces, including Ripple Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, and Bangles. Complementary polishing cloth and special care card is also included!

Kristen Baird Packaging - Care Card

Suede Drawstring Bag

When you send your jewelry to me for resizing you’ll get a special treat: this super-sweet Kristen Baird® drawstring bag! Large pieces such as thick cuffs are also shipped with the drawstring bag. Finally, this bag makes a special appearance in all my shimmery, fluffy, froo-froo, and fun speciality packaging, such as personalized gift-wrapping and our annual Sparkle Box gifts! 

Large Cuff Box

For a few of my super chunky-funky cuffs, we have an extra large cuff box complete with its own cuff pillow inside. This bigger box perfectly protects the cuffs in transit and is a great go-to travel case for cuffs as well  - please don’t let your statement pieces get crunched in your suitcase!

Kristen Baird Packaging - Ring Boxes

NEW Mini Ring Box

How cute is this? The Graceful Glimmer Collection is full of itty-bitty and ultra-petite pieces, so we designed this mini ring box just for them! It’s also a great choice for any guys who might need to conceal a ring in his pocket for a while… just saying!

Engagement Ring Box

While on that train of thought, we do offer a lovely traditional engagement ring box for those looking to create that grand romantic moment. The hinged box features a lush silk cushion on the inside, as well as my logo on the inner lid. It also has a gently swooping top for a little extra grandeur. She’s going to love it. (The ring mostly, but the box too, I promise!)

Kristen Baird Packaging - The Kristen Baird Bag

Kristen Baird Bag

This rare beauty is exclusive for my in-person sales and pop-up events. Come on down to Savannah and - if you’re lucky - you just might spot one!

Specialty Packaging by Kristen Baird

Specialty Packaging and Gift Wrapping

Last but definitely not least, I offer tailored gift wrapping for various occasions upon request. You’ll also find fun specialty packaging for our Sparkle Box items! These gifts are always different, and I have a blast creating a magical experience for everyone who receives them. Don’t miss out!

Kristen Baird Packaging - Gift Wrapping

Every Kristen Baird® purchase comes with a complimentary care card and polishing cloth, so you can keep your jewelry sparkling for years to come!

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