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Kristen Baird CAD

Kristen Baird

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CAD stands for Computer Aid Design. This acronym is given to several software programs. I am specifically referring to 3-D modeling programs, such as Rhinoceros 5 and Matrix 8.0. I prefer to use Matrix 8.0. While Rhinoceros 5 is becoming the software standard for the industry, Matrix 8.0 allows for easy customization as it is a jewelry centered design program. I mainly reserve using CAD for the Custom and Bridal Work. While not all custom pieces are created using Matrix, I enjoy using it for complex designs. By using the computer, I am able to test out a variety of...

The story behind the ring....

Kristen Baird

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CAD Model: 14K white gold with 65 client supplied diamonds.  "A year after my dad passed away my mom asked me to meet her for lunch. We ate together every week but this seemed unusual and I was nervous. She said she wanted to talk with me about something. When we met she told me she decided that it was time I start wearing her diamond ring that my dad gave her 59 years before. I cried like a baby because she wanted to see me enjoying the ring. I took the ring and had it sized. At the same time,...


Anna Tinkelenberg

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I have enjoyed casting from when I learned about the process in school almost 2 years ago. When Kristen asked if I would like to talk about the casting process, I jumped on the opportunity! The casting we do at Kristen Baird is Lost Wax Casting. In this process, we start with a wax model. This model can be carved out of wax or can be 3-D printed in wax. Because we currently do not have the equipment to cast in our studio, we send out the wax model for casting. The model is then attached to a rubber base and...

Getting to know Our Intern

Kristen Baird

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I asked Anna, our Intern / Granulation Specialist, to write a little something about herself for our blog and this is what she came up with... Hello! My name is Anna Tinkelenberg and I've been working for Kristen for almost 1 year. I am a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I am pursuing a B.F.A. in Jewelry. I am the blog editor for the SCAD Jewelry Club. This fall I will be entering my senior year of college, which means I will be creating my senior collection, which is both exciting and terrifying. This summer...

Uniqueness in Kristen Baird Production

Kristen Baird

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While I love creating custom designs, any visitor to my website will see I have collections that are constantly in production. Each of these pieces is completely unique, but they all have siblings that may look similar. For example, a Ripple Chevron Fringe Necklace is created using the same steps, such as hammering and reticulation; however, these techniques make it impossible to recreate the same exact piece, giving each a uniqueness that can not be replicated.  This is what keeps my production work interesting. Although the pieces look very similar, I can see the differences, making every piece a new piece...



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