Astounding Amazonite

Kristen Baird

This was a really fun project using both inspiration from my signature Ripple Collection and incorporating family materials that were no longer being used. You know how much I love to recycle materials and turn them into something new! So why not take some broken pieces, a few leftover diamonds and turn them into an Astounding Amazonite redesign? That's exactly what we did! Read on to see how this teal beauty made her debut.

Astounding Amazonite Ring Redesign by Kristen Baird®

Challenge accepted

My client started by browsing a collection of my Ripple Rings. She had existing parts of her own rings with small diamonds and wanted to use them, but wasn't sure how. I showed her my selection of one-of-a-kind rings and she fell in love with a beautiful amazonite gemstone. We decided to start with that inspiration and continued by using the amazonite as the centerpiece. This client was really drawn to the Ripple Rings, showing a particular liking to the shape of one with a smoky quartz gemstone and a wide band, and one with a blue topaz gemstone showing lots of texture (see above!). She challenged me to create her own bands using the amazonite at the center in the width of the smoky quartz ring and with the texture of the blue topaz ring. Challenge accepted! To add to the personal factor, we also used her 14K yellow gold along with her leftover diamonds to create little granule accents on both sides of the ring. What a great way to incorporate sentimental and personal detail.

Astounding Amazonite by Kristen Baird

Isn’t she astounding?

So here she is! The stunning teal-colored amazonite ring. She has three diamonds on each side, set in my client's leftover 14K yellow gold...yay for recycling! Her band is nice and wavy with plenty of texture, but also super comfortable for everyday wear. This piece worked out just right and the client loves her new, Astounding Amazonite piece!

Do you love some of my signature pieces, but want to add personal touches? Or maybe you have extra diamonds, gemstones or little scraps of gold lying around that don't seem very usable, but are too valuable to toss? Get in touch and let's talk about the possibilities! I'd love to know more and share my expertise and design ideas with you.

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