Bezel Beauty

Kristen Baird

I first worked with this client on a piece for her granddaughter’s first communion and I was thrilled to get an email from her regarding this redesign. It is quite a touching story and I knew I had my work cut out for me. I not only wanted to make sure that this client got exactly what she wanted, but that she also received every tiny bit of the Kristen Baird® magic experience.

Bezel Beauty - Materials and Design by Kristen Baird

The star of the show

With the centerpiece being a 3-carat (actually a little over 😲) diamond, I knew this redesign project was going to be extra special. Unfortunately, due to changes in life situations for my client, while she loved her diamond and everything that it meant to her, she wanted the new ring to have more of an everyday feel to it and less of an engagement feel. We wanted to highlight her oh-so-stunning gemstone, but in a new setting. We decided this would be perfect as a middle finger statement ring.

A rippling inspiration

She loved my signature Ripple Bands,, but wanted something a little more streamlined, while still having beautiful texture and patterning to it. We decided on a medium-width band with a bezel setting to highlight her gorgeous diamond, but also to protect it and keep it safe and sheltered. One fun fact about bezels that I love is how you never have to worry about the stone falling out, because it has a full lip of metal all the way around it. That's especially nice for a big ring and diamond of this type and quality! So off we went...

Bezel Beauty - Fabrication by Kristen Baird

Creating the band

Once we had the perfect silver band, it was time to have the piece cast into a two-toned Bezel Beauty. The pop of the yellow gold tone would really compliment my client’s most beautiful olive-color skin.  My client mentioned that she would like to be able to wear this piece with other silver and platinum jewelry pieces that she owns. So we decided a 14 karat yellow gold band with a 14 karat white gold bezel was the perfect match. This is when the ring started to take shape.

Bezel Beauty - Setting by Kristen Baird

Setting the big beauty

Oh boy, this one really came together just beautifully. There's nothing like setting a sentimentally priceless diamond. The pressure is real! But nonetheless, it was still a fun one to work on. As soon as I got the diamond going, the fit was just perfect. A little cleanup here, a few polishes there and this piece was ready for her new hand and finger.

Bezel Beauty - Final by Kristen Baird

A tear is worth a thousands words

Take a look at how she came out! When my client teared up a bit upon receiving her new ring, I knew I did my job well. Okay, so maybe I teared up a little bit too. There's something so special about being involved with such sentimental and emotionally-charged times in people's lives. I am so fortunate that I get to do this on a daily basis!

“I brought Kristen a diamond ring that I loved dearly because it held tremendous sentimental value but needed refurbishing. I had a vision for a new ring and knew I wanted the stone in a uniquely designed setting that would spotlight the stone. Kristen and I met three times when she listened intently, annotated my vision and shared her creative genius. She showed me a mock-up of the ring and then the actual pieces that would create my ring. Every time we met, she listened carefully for my approval of the design. When Kristen delivered my ring, my vision became reality. I could not believe the ring was exactly as I had envisioned it but now it was on my finger. Thank you, Kristen, for creating my uniquely beautiful ring!”

Do you have a project that needs a redesign? How about the piece that is sitting in a jewelry box ready to be reimagined? I'd love to talk with you! Reach out for more information.

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  • Kristen, this story brought yet another tear to my eye. Thank you for your genius, creativity and sensitivity. Every time I wear my ring, I love it even more!

    Jamie Newman

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