Birthdate Beauties

Kristen Baird

Ever since having a baby, I've really been into designing and creating more unique and one-of-a-kind pieces for mothers. There's something so special about birthstones, birth stories, birth orders, kids, babies...I may have caught the bug! That said, when a fellow artist and mom reached out to me, I knew I had to do something very special for her. This project was such a joy to work on, and I can't wait to share this story. Read on to see more about this Birthdate Beauty and how we worked a little magic for this special Mama.

Birthdate Beauties - The Design by Kristen Baird

A stack apart

When it came to the design, this mother wanted a piece symbolizing each one of her children, something that she could wear together, but eventually be split apart so that each child would end up with their own piece. Clearly, a stacking ring set was the way to go! This Client loved my signature rippling patterns and wavy-edge rings, so we were off to a great start. 

The dazzling plan

She provided me with her children’s birth months and dates, as well as the order of their births, so I could start brainstorming on the design ideas. We came up with a dazzling plan to create a 4-piece ring stack, with each of the rings containing a unique birthstone pertaining to each child, along with diamond accents representing other siblings.

Birthdate Beauties - The Process by Kristen Baird

A child, a diamond

To make this stack even more special, we arranged the birthstones in each ring in “birth order”. The ring for the first child had the birthstone set first, followed by 3 diamonds (like having 3 younger siblings); the ring for the second child started with a diamond first (to represent their older sibling), followed by their personal birthstone and 2 other diamonds (representing the younger 2 siblings). You get the drift!

Birthdate Beauties by Kristen Baird

The sparkles in the details

This piece was a neat one to see come together. From its two-toned metals (sterling silver and 14K yellow gold), to its assortment of birthstones (ruby, emerald, sapphire and tanzanite), to its 12 diamond accents - this set really sparkles! The stack also tells the birth order story for all of her children and the cool part is that someday, these pieces will be split, with each child ending up with their own unique part of this puzzle.  But when the children are together, the pieces will create the full picture.

One happy mama

Let's just say this Client was thrilled when she received her rings! They are bold enough for a statement, yet gentle and sentimental for everyday wear. The bezel-set gemstones and diamonds are durable and secure, but the pops of color and sparkle are just so much fun to look at! Well...can't go wrong there!

“Hi Kristen! I got my rings today! So lovely. I will get a photo for you of each kid with their respective ring. I’m so excited!! They are truly one of a kind and very “me”. I’m wearing your art and I love it! Check NH off of your list of states with happy KB jewelry customers!” -AG

Are you looking for a special gift for your mom or maybe for your wife after the birth of a child? I love working on these milestone types of pieces. Be sure to reach out and let's talk about your ideas...I know I can create something unique and one-of-a-kind just for you!

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