Confetti Cuff

Kristen Baird

This is one of my biggest projects to date and I'm so proud to finally show it off! My client came to me with a jewelry box full of beautiful pieces that she no longer wore. She felt a little guilty about how much amazing jewelry she had and how little she used it. So, we came up with a plan! She loved cuff bracelets and tended to go for very colorful pieces from various designers. She showed me her favorite styles along with different designer pieces that spoke to her. Once I saw that inspiration, I knew exactly how I would turn it into a stunning Kristen Baird® original. Read on to see how this Confetti Cuff turned a box full of jewelry into a wrist full of sparkle.

Confetti Cuff Commission by Kristen Baird®

This piece required a lot of planning. I spent much time doing designs, sketches, gemstone charts, metal calculations...whew, it was intense! But with any good project, the pre-planning is the most important part. Once we settled on an asymmetrical, organic cuff bracelet style, I was finally able to get started with disassembly of the existing pieces and the long process towards reassembly. Tedious and time consuming? Yes. Worth it? Oh, yes! 

Confetti Cuff Redesign by Kristen Baird®

As you can see from the above images, the disassembly and organizing took a little while, but it was so rewarding to see all the stones start coming together side by side. Through rounds and rounds and a few more rounds of fabrication of sterling silver and 14K yellow gold, I was able to assemble over 25 gemstones and diamonds into one stunning bracelet. Of course, as with any hand-fabricated commissioned piece, the mid-way point often looks quite chaotic and very raw, but that's where the technique, skill and passion come into play. Once the piece was fully fabricated, it was time to take this beauty to the next level - three rounds of cleaning, detailed and precise finishing, and all the stone setting.

Confetti Cuff by Kristen Baird

If I do say so myself, this two-toned Confetti Cuff came out just beautifully. At the center is a gorgeous emerald cut topaz, in her own customized setting, anchoring the piece. A variety of gemstones, which happened to be birthstones of multiple family members, cascade across the sides of the wrist in perfect harmony. This piece is asymmetrical, but balanced at the same time - a true test of craftsmanship and artistry! 

Confetti Cuff by Kristen Baird

My client was so pleased when she received her final piece. I think with the anticipation and the timeline (oh, yes, this piece took a very long time!), her patience paid off! It's always hard when I have to mail a piece off and don't get to see the reaction of the client in person, but with this client she gave me a really nice phone call when she got her piece, so I did get the fulfillment of hearing all about it! She even sent a quick follow-up email...I knew then that I did a good job!

"Got it! Spectacular!!! --Best always, JT"

Do you have a jewelry box full of sparkle that you're no longer wearing? Bring it to me and let's talk! I'd love to share ideas, inspiration and potential designs with you. And don't stress, this is a fun process!! Reach out and get in touch using either my contact form or my commission inquiry form. Can't wait to chat with you!

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