Firework Finale

Kristen Baird

This pair of earrings was a surprise jewelry project for a repeat client, from her daughter and granddaughter. We wanted to incorporate materials from both of them into a pair of earrings to coordinate with another stunning piece my client already owns (previously made by yours truly), and just in time for her 75th birthday celebration. Read on to see how these Firework Finale earrings made their debut and just in time to kick off a big celebration!

Firework Finale - Materials and Design

The missing sentiment

We already knew we wanted to coordinate the new earrings with my client’s Fabulous Fireworks cuff. If you go check the commission story out, you’ll notice that it includes materials from all different sentimental pieces that my client had collected over the years - their wedding bands, pieces from her mother and several pieces from her other family members. But what was missing were materials from her daughter and granddaughter. I was very excited for the opportunity to work with my client’s daughter and granddaughter to create a blazing pair of earrings to add to the sentimentality and serve as a dazzling finale to the ensemble.

The dazzling materials

We decided to use a pair of 14 karat yellow gold kitty cat studs from her granddaughter and a pair of diamond studs from her daughter to mix into this two-toned sterling silver and yellow gold duo. Featuring rainbow moonstone at the bottom, diamonds, plus pink tourmaline and rhodolite garnet, these earrings were going to create quite the bang!

Firework Finale - Fabrication

Mimicking the cuff

The fabrication process for this pair of earrings was quite intense. We utilized sterling silver to create an outer boundary, to which I inlaid 14 karat yellow gold into the interior, mimicking the Fabulous Fireworks cuff (see link above). At the bottom, are two rainbow moonstones also coordinating with the cuff. I then melted the kitty cat earrings and the metal from around the diamond studs to create little settings for the stones to be nestled in. It was then on to the clean-up and setting process.

Firework Finale - Stone Setting

Big things come in tiny packages

These earrings were quite technical, with a lot of details packed into a tiny package. And I loved every minute of it! I proceeded in opening up each of the settings, which were formed with the metal from the daughter’s and granddaughter’s pieces, then it was time to set and detail, detail, detail…

Firework Finale - Final

Ready to shimmer and sparkle

You can see these two-tone beauties came out ready to shimmer and sparkle. They are symmetrically balanced to create harmony, but also have asymmetric details giving them their own unique and interesting look. The rainbow moonstone, rhodolite garnet and pink tourmaline are perfectly accented with the pair of stud diamonds. These pieces are lightweight and rather short, which is exactly how my client loves her earrings. And we managed to pull these off without the client realizing this was happening at all.

Added sentiment

As an added sentimental bonus, my signature ripple detail inside the earring was created from gold which was left over from the wedding band parts I used when I created the original Fabulous Fireworks cuff. It worked out just right and thanks to my clients, both the daughter and granddaughter, along with their dad (my client's husband), we were able to pull off the surprise in the most perfect way.

“The earrings are so beautiful!!! I am so thrilled with the way they turned out, and what a special bonus to have the story to go with them! Thank you very much for doing that. I can’t wait to give them to my mom! I know she will love them, and I’m so happy to have the perfect 75th birthday gift for her. Thank you again for all of the artistry and work you put into these earrings.” - VLM

Do you have an idea for a surprise that you'd like to bring to life? Reach out and let me know! I'd love to game plan and chat with you! There's always tricks up my sleeve and I'm always looking forward to making them happen. That's the best part of my job!

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