Granddaughter's Graduation Gift

Kristen Baird

I love working with grandmothers to create special pieces for their granddaughters. There's something very remarkable about a relationship between a grandmother and a granddaughter. I miss my grandmothers on a daily basis so when I get the opportunity to work with people on projects like this, my heart smiles. Read on to see how this exceptional piece graduated from the “Kristen Baird Academy” :).

Granddaughter's Graduation Gift_Necklace Redesign by Kristen Baird®

Special heirloom

This sweet grandmother reached out to me with an idea to create a piece for her granddaughter's graduation. She had two rings, one of her own and one from her husband (the girl's grandfather) that she wanted to utilize and incorporate into a new piece. The client wanted to pass these pieces down to her only granddaughter, but was realistic and knew that her granddaughter wasn't going to appreciate the somewhat “dated style” of these rings. She took the initiative to create something brand new for her granddaughter using the materials that she was going to pass down and be able to give it to her granddaughter just in time for graduation. I think that is so special! I’m glad that she reached out to me.

The 5-diamond swoosh

This piece, while simple, makes an elegant statement. Once the design of a 5-diamond “swoosh” was created, largely based on and dictated by the materials we had in hand, then it was off to the studio to make this design come to life. We used the 14K yellow gold to create the granule settings, as I call them, and then incorporated a sterling silver chain so that the piece would have a stunning two-tone look, giving the piece versatility to be worn with all different metal combinations. After opening up the settings, it was time to set the diamonds!

Granddaughter's Graduation by Kristen Baird

She’s ready for Graduation Day!

This sweet, petite necklace couldn’t have come out more perfectly and just in time for graduation day. She makes a great layering piece, an everyday wearable piece - one of those pieces you never have to take off! My client was so happy, as was her granddaughter. And this designer truly enjoyed the process, just as much as they did. 

Do you have an idea for a special piece for your granddaughter, another family member or friend? Don’t be afraid to reach out and let's talk! There are several easy no-obligation ways to get in touch with me - use my commission inquiry form if you already have ideas or if you just want to chat - use my contact form. I'd love to hear from you!

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