Heartbeat Cuff

Kristen Baird

Each project that I work on has significance, importance, and a unique story. This one did not disappoint! When I received word about this piece, which happens to be for a dear family friend, you’ll soon see why I simply could not turn it down. Grab some tissues and read on for the full story behind this Heartbeat Cuff.

Heartbeat Cuff - The Design by Kristen Baird

A beating heart

While I don't carry men's jewelry “in stock”, I still love creating unique pieces for my male clients. For this piece we wanted to symbolically mark a very important event. In the summer of 2020, my client's husband (the recipient of this piece) went out for his routine bike ride. Being an active and fit guy, that wasn’t unusual, but this day was not like any other day. Part way into his ride, he suffered a cardiac arrest and fell off of his bike onto the hot pavement. Thankfully, despite being in the “middle of nowhere” (literally!), his angels - turned friends - appeared to save him and worked to extend his life until medical help arrived. My client wanted to memorialize this significant date in Roman numerals and include a heartbeat across the surface of the cuff bracelet. We decided to do a flat heartbeat line about two-thirds of the way around the cuff, noting that his heartbeat was gone and/or prompted by CPR from his angels for over 10 minutes before paramedics arrived and continued his care. We then weaved into the heartbeat resuming with the date of his second chance at life.

Heartbeat Cuff - The Process by Kristen Baird

The sentimental markings

I started by creating the exterior cuff bracelet form. Clean and minimal was key for this active and on-the-go guy. We used a brushed surface to give the piece a matte texture. There's something about a matte texture that just gives a piece understated shine and elegance. I took time to prepare the surface and flatten the piece using various hammers and techniques. Working with such a thick rod of silver takes a lot of finagling. Once the form was set, it was time to do the heartbeat line. I love inscribing pieces by hand. There's something special about the personal marks in the depths and textures of  hand-inscribed letters, that just adds to the sentiment, versus the precision and perfection of a laser-engraved piece. I drew the heartbeat line almost all the way around the cuff and then worked on the heartbeat line - up and down, up and down. I'd be lying if I didn't get chills as I was working on adding the Roman numerals. I'm so grateful for this man's second chance at life!

Heartbeat Cuff - Final by Kristen Baird

The Heartbeat Cuff

So there we have it! This Heartbeat Cuff truly speaks for itself. It's elegant, yet masculine, clean and sentimental. Beautifully showing the dissected heartbeat line, and the memorialism of the date of his second chance at life. From what I've heard, the recipient hasn't taken it off since he was gifted this unique and one-of-a-kind cuff.

Heartbeat Cuff - Final 2 by Kristen Baird

Newspaper Article

“The whole family watched him open it. You can hear his voice get choked up when he said thank you and had tears streaming down his face when he hugged me. He hasn’t taken it off since. He absolutely LOVES it! I appreciate you making this dream a reality for him and that reminder of God’s miracle and second chance on life. So thankful and blessed. It’s even more special because you made it ❤️ He came to me later and said how incredibly special it was.” -TE

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I was given to create this special cuff bracelet. Even more so, since this piece is for a close family member and friend. See below for a newspaper clipping of this heartwarming story and the specific details surrounding this Heartbeat Cuff recipient.

Heartbeat Cuff - The Story by Kristen Baird

Capturing your story and sharing in your journey is what I love to do most. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas or would like to run something by me. I'd love to chat with you!

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