Legacy Diamond Cuff

Kristen Baird

One of the best parts about having a signature Kristen Baird® line of jewelry is that inspiration for customized pieces is readily available right on my website. For those who love my work, we can very easily tailor any existing piece to fit exactly what we need for telling a client's story. This commission piece is the perfect example! This client already loved my work, but had these amazing materials that he wanted to incorporate into a piece for his wife. They were simply sitting in a jewelry box, untouched for why not use them for something completely new and fresh? And that's exactly what we did. Read on to see the story of this Legacy Diamond Cuff and how she came to life in the most beautiful of ways!Legacy Diamond Cuff Redesign by Kristen Baird®

A splashing inspiration

As you can see in the above photo, this client had some great pieces to work with. Both diamonds and 14K yellow gold were plentiful, so why not use them? We drew inspiration from my signature Splash Bangle to create the base for the cuff bracelet. To honor the memory of my client’s late mother, we decided to highlight the cuff by placing the bigger round diamond (once belonging to her) front and center, well, more slightly to the right of center to be precise - for that perfectly balanced asymmetric look.  Not to let the other older pieces go to waste, we decided to utilize the smaller round diamonds as extra sparkly accents. In my book, ALL diamonds are usable - even the tiny ones! 

Legacy Diamond Cuff_Redesign by Kristen Baird®

Hello, diamonds!

Once the main diamond setting was installed, I started adding the settings for the tiny diamonds by scattering them across the surface of the bangle, creating the perfect two-toned look for this Splash Bangle. Have I mentioned how much I love a two-toned look? Talk about versatility! Once all of the settings were complete and adjusted to fit the exact sizes of the diamonds, it was time to welcome the diamonds into their new home. That's where the precision and attention to detail comes in. Is it sometimes tedious? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely, yes! 

Legacy Diamond Cuff by Kristen Baird

Her story carries on

What a beauty! This Legacy Diamond Cuff carries on the legacy of my client’s late mother, by transforming her jewelry, that just happened to be sitting in a jewelry box unused for years, into something that my client's wife absolutely loves and wears all the time. Did I mention that my client's wife has a super tiny wrist? While that may be a challenge to some, for me, it is absolutely no problem. We've perfectly tailored that cuff to her ultimate fit! And of course it's always so wonderful to receive a positive review from a happy client:

“We have been excited to find Kristen's jewelry, now it's the only jewelry that I buy for gifts!” -YH 

Do you have materials lying around in your jewelry box - unused? Perhaps you're not sure if they're worth trying to use or not. Definitely reach out to me! I'd love to take a look and let you know what the potential is. You know how much I love recycling materials into something new and fresh! So let's try it. Simply reach out using our contact form or if you already have ideas, try out our commission inquiry form. Our commissions tab also has a lot of information about the process, so it's fine to start there too. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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