Lovely Labradorite

Kristen Baird

As I may have mentioned a few times before, I love working with fellow creatives on designing one-of-a-kind pieces to tell their story. This piece was for a very special mama to celebrate her beautiful family in the most unique of ways. She had seen my signature labradorite Ripple rings, and loved the organic rose-cut shape, so we started with that base design idea and then took it to the next level. Read on to see how this Lovely Labradorite ring came to life.Lovely Labradorite Commission Ring by Kristen Baird®

A unique cut

As you can see from the images above, we started out with an asymmetric band that flows from one side to the other with the smoothest of curves. At the center, we decided to put an organic rose-cut labradorite with a ton of “butterfly wing” colored flash in the stone to draw the eye immediately. 

Symbolic granules

Once that was fabricated, even though everything was coming together nicely, I felt like there was something missing, an extra special touch. I had an idea in mind and reached out to consult with my client right away. She loves a two-toned look, sterling silver with 14K yellow gold, so I thought, why not add some granules (as I call them) on one of the sides to  symbolize her and her husband? Then we can put 3 more granules on the opposite side - 1 bigger granule for her oldest child (the “Big Brother”) and two matching smaller granules for the twin baby brothers. You know how much I love symbolism! Well, let's just say this mama fell in love with the idea and I was so happy to get the green light!

Lovely Labradorite by Kristen Baird

A lovely ring for mama

This piece came out just wonderfully and I was thrilled to receive the following text from my client when she received her piece...

"It's perfect in every way! Even Jbear's gold dot is a little bigger than the twins - so much love in the details. I wanted you to see how perfect the fit is AND it does fit on my pointer finger too!! I wish you could've seen Julian's face was priceless when I showed him the dots and the butterfly wing. You are such a treasure to us all, thank you!!!!!!! P.S. Your packaging is so dope!!" -J. D.J.F.

The ultimate review came just days later on social media. Reviews mean everything to a small business like myself and this one just made me so happy!

Working with Kristen was a dream! From the beginning to the delivery, her extra care and attention to detail was superior and went above and beyond. My custom family ring is a gorgeous one-of-kind masterpiece and a blessing to my soul that brings smiles to my family to see themselves represented in this perfect way. Words truly cannot express my gratitude for Kristen and how special she made my entire experience!” -JDJF

I love working on unique projects to represent or symbolize family relationships, children,  birth order, family trees, milestones, significant events and everything in between. It's such a joy to be a part of something bigger than myself and to use my creative passions and gifts to bring happiness to others. If you have an idea for a project be sure to reach out. I'd love to know more!

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