Nieces’ Pieces

Kristen Baird

Heirloom jewelry is a gift that keeps on giving… and giving… and giving. When Diane came to me with an opal pendant and a whole collection from her late mother, we were able to incorporate stones from those pieces into not one… not two… but seven individual pieces of jewelry. Diane was able to create some dream pieces of herself and share the love with members of her family, as she did with these beautiful “Nieces’ Pieces.” 

Nieces' Pieces - Inspiration

I’ll be covering all of Diane’s gorgeous commission pieces in later posts, but for today I’m taking a look at three beautiful gifts she lovingly created for her nieces to help them remember their grandmother. These pieces are great examples of how a slight variation in a design can make all the difference.

Veiled Horizon 

For her first piece, we selected a variation on the Veiled Horizon necklace in 14K white gold, but with five added diamonds from Diane’s mother/the niece’s grandmother. We decided to prong-set the diamonds and place them asymmetrically off the bar so they resemble glittering ice crystals on a delicate branch. The piece was made with my signature melting and forming process and also features hand-textured details. 

Seashell Sparkle Necklace

Nieces' Pieces - story

Diane’s second niece also received five heirloom diamonds, but this time in the Seashell Sparkle Necklace in 14K white gold. The two necklaces were different styles but complement each other very well. (I often recommend these necklaces for layering.) This niece also has a baby girl, only a few months old, who is the great-granddaughter of Diane’s mother. We wanted to include her in the gift as well, which led to one of the sweetest, most precious pieces I’ve ever made… a baby bracelet to match Mama’s necklace!

Seashell Sparkle Baby Bracelet

For this adorable variation on the Seashell Sparkle, we knew we wanted to go with something super durable that could grow along with the baby. (After all, she might appreciate this a bit more later on!) We went with three Seashell Sparkle specs, each with a petite diamond from her great-grandmother. I took extra care to solder each link closed so they don’t pop apart, and included multiple closures so that the bracelet can grow along with the little one. One day, I’m sure she will ask her mother about the matching bracelet and necklace they wear, and she’ll learn just how precious this gift is.

From the Heart

Nieces' Pieces - final

Everything arrived and I’m in tears!!! SOOOOO beautiful - thank you for your excellence and talent.” - Diane

There is so much more to crafting jewelry than the sparkle and bling (although I love that part!) This thoughtful gift from Diane to her nieces shows how jewelry can take on a deeper meaning and become a symbol of the love between family members. These gifts are a true sign of how connected this family is, from generation to generation. I know it would put a twinkle in Diane’s mother’s eyes to see the smiles on her granddaughters’ faces. 

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