Poignant Peridot Engagement Ring

Kristen Baird

Melissa and Dave - Poignant Peridot

I love when engaged couples choose to break the mold and go with a ring that makes them happy, regardless of expectations. I talk about alternative engagement rings all the time, but it’s worth stressing over and over because changing people’s mindsets takes time. For one couple who’d been down the traditional route before, doing things their own way was a priority. 

A little bit of kismet brought D and M into Gallery 209 on River Street, where they first saw my jewelry. While they both live up North, M’s daughter attended SCAD around the same time I did. She suggested they shop for rings together while visiting Savannah and did some preliminary legwork (such a good daughter!) She had an inkling that her mom would love my jewelry and suggested they check it out.

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the gallery saying there was a couple there who loved my rings but had a few requests of their own. Would it be possible to customize the piece? Well, you’ve surely come to the right place!

Gallery 209

Melissa and Dave - KBCE

If you’re visiting Savannah for the first time, or if you’re a local who's just never had the chance, you absolutely have to stop into Gallery 209. This co-op style gallery features 31 local artisans in a renovated 1820s cotton warehouse. Gallery 209 carries one of the widest varieties of Kristen Baird® pieces available outside my own studio, from a full range of my collection pieces to one-of-a-kind ripple rings and eclectic experiments you won't find anywhere else. The ring that initially caught M’s eye was the Sunkissed Summer, but she wanted to add her fiancé's birthstone, peridot, as well as a few more details. 

The Design Process

Melissa and Dave - Design Process

The process of designing M’s engagement ring is very similar to what I’m recreating online with The Kristen Baird® Collaborative Experience. We knew what band we wanted right off the bat, but we needed to swap in some additional features. M wanted a silver band, but we opted for a 14K white gold setting as well, just to step it up a little and provide some nice visual contrast. I also gave the east-west oval peridot a 6-prong setting for a little extra stability. 

In a fun twist, we decided on the spot that I would also craft D’s wedding band - my first official men’s band! His 14K white gold ripple band matches her stone setting, and her silver wedding band brings the whole look together. I love mixing metals, and these pieces truly mesh together so well!

The Grand Reveal

I met with D and M to deliver their rings in person and, boy, were they over the moon! Once they tried the rings on, they didn’t want them to come off! Fortunately, now that they’re married they get to wear them every day! Congrats you two lovebirds!

It was so much fun to see their vision come to life. This lovely and eclectic bridal set is the perfect example of seeing something you love but not being afraid to ask for just a bit of tailoring to get exactly what you want. Don’t be shy! There’s no substitute for the engagement ring of your dreams, and the results will be so, so worth it!

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