Push Present

Kristen Baird

I always think it's fun when clients see my existing collections, like my signature Ripple Collection, Bonjour Belle Collection, Celestial Collection, etc., and ask if I can create pieces for them based on my original collection pieces, but with customizations or specific elements that can be tailored to their unique stage in life. This was the perfect example of that scenario. My client came to me knowing that he wanted to incorporate three birthstones into a sleek and modern design, based on the elements of my signature Ripple Collection. “Can we tailor it?” - he asked. OF COURSE! Read on to see how this Push Present came to life just in the nick of time!

Push Present - Materials and Design

A signature inspiration

Like I mentioned above, my client loved the look and feel of my signature Ripple Collection, but wanted a small and everyday-wearable piece featuring a minimal and sleek exterior along with three birthstones on the interior. I showed him my Mini Pinnacle Necklace as a visual inspiration and suggested that we use the exterior frame (a perfect circle form with just a little ebb and flow) and then nestle the three birthstones on the interior. This piece almost took on a nurturing mothering type form, which was perfect for this Push Present. I showed my client several other designs, but he really loved the circle form of the Mini Pinnacle Necklace. So we settled on the design and took it from there.

Push Present - Fabrication

Two rubies and an amethyst

I decided to fabricate the settings to include two rubies and an amethyst – one for each of his children. The fabrication went really well, and all of a sudden it was on to the stone setting process.

Ready to shine

I just love it when a piece comes together. This pendant really shined brightly and unlike the Mini Pinnacle Necklace, we decided to do a bail on this piece so that it could slide gently onto a chain. The piece hung just right and you simply can’t ignore the beauty of the gemstone color pop. In true form, a little bit of texture here and a little more texture there, along with the perfect stone setting job, and this piece was ready to head out to its new home.

Push Present - Final

Sleek and modern

As you can see, this ever-so-dainty, yet nice and sleek modern piece truly does shine! The texture is just right, the two rubies and amethyst really pop and this everyday wearable piece has been worn ever since it was gifted. It is so rewarding to know that my pieces are part of people’s daily lives in such wonderful ways. 

Have you seen my work and had something stand out to you, but wonder if we could do alterations or tailoring to make it fit just right for your situation? Reach out and let's chat! The beauty of handmade pieces is that most times we can accommodate all sorts of personalization. I'd love to talk further. Use this link to connect today!

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