Red Backpack Cuff

Kristen Baird

How do you tell the person who gives you an amazing opportunity...the chance of a do you tell them “thank you”? Or how to show your appreciation in a unique way? Well, that was my biggest “dilemma” after receiving one of the Red Backpack Fund grants from the Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation. Of course, Sara knows everyone and to be completely honest, she is pretty much a hero of mine. So what was I going to do to show my gratitude for the grant I received in the middle of the 2020 Covid crisis? Read on to see how I created the perfect cuff bracelet, just for Sara Blakely, straight from my Savannah studio.

Red Backpack Cuff_Commission by Kristen Baird

Which piece to make? 

I started off by thinking about the best piece with the least amount of sizing necessary. Of course I would love to send a ring - that is kind of my thing - but sizing, OY! And earrings are wonderful too, but some people are more sensitive to sizes and weights in earrings. Necklaces can be a challenge as well, as chain lengths and preferences are particular to each person. But, a cuff bracelet...that is a universally giftable piece of jewelry in my book! So that's where I started.

Red Backpack Cuff_Commission_Kristen Baird®

Colors and combos, oh my! 

Now that I had the perfect piece in mind, I began putting together the details. I knew this cuff had to be versatile and my signature Splash Gem Cuff is the perfect width to fulfill that requirement. I also wanted to select the best color possible...and you just can't go wrong with the Spanx signature red color. Turns out that a deep red garnet cabochon gemstone fits that just right. I completed the band for the cuff with my signature Ripple pattern and organic, wavy edges, then started on the custom cabochon settings for the beautiful deep red garnet gemstones that I selected.

Red Backpack Cuff_by Kristen Baird® Commissions

Finishing up with a personal message.

With all the details coming together, oh, I knew I had to add one last touch - a personalized message. I inscribed the phrase “thank you for believing in me” on the interior of the cuff.  I love how a personal message can really set a piece apart! At this point, all that was left to do was the setting of the stones and the final finishing.

Red Backpack Cuff Final Image

Sending it off with a prayer! 

There's nothing more unnerving than creating a special piece, putting it in unique packaging, writing the story of how the piece came together and then sending it off with a hug, while saying a little prayer that it makes it to its final destination. To my surprise, the cuff actually got into Sara Blakley's hands and she sent me a personal text message thanking me for this special gift. I almost died! So there you have it, folks - the story of the Red Backpack Cuff!

Personal Message from Sara Blakely_Kristen Baird®

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