The Motherhood Ring

Kristen Baird

Oh, how I love birthstone rings! Even better, this client happened to be a former college acquaintance of mine, who had since moved on to Alaska, of all places. I was thrilled to hear from her, especially regarding this sentimental project. Read on to see how this Motherhood Ring came to life to tell her story in the most perfect way!

The Motherhood Ring Redesign by Kristen Baird®

The sentimental sapphire

What do you do with a gorgeous sapphire, diamond, and 14K yellow gold ring that’s no longer being used for its original purpose? Especially, when the materials in this ring contain a lot of sentiment - a sapphire signifying a baby boy's birthstone and beautiful diamonds just waiting to be reused in a delightful new way. Here’s an idea - let's make a new piece for this mama complete with all the beautiful diamonds surrounding, while highlighting the baby boy's sapphire birthstone at the center. Throw in a few extra curves and rippling waves of sterling silver and we might just be onto something. And that’s how it all began.

The Motherhood Ring _Commissions by Kristen Baird®

A split decision

This piece was actually the very first split-band ripple ring that I ever did and it was so much fun to play with! I started with a double band, split in the center. Then I went in and added settings using the 14K yellow gold from the original ring. After placing them and opening them up, they perfectly fit all 10 diamonds across both of the waving, undulating bands. Then, I used the remainder of the original 14K yellow gold to form the bezel setting for the round sapphire in order to place that gemstone at the center...technically, slightly off center, flowing with the waves. Once the groundwork was laid and the piece was fabricated - by hand, I might add, it was time to start setting all the stones. This is when the piece truly started to come to life!

Motherhood Ring by Kristen Baird

The first of its kind

What a beauty this split-band Motherhood Ring turned out to be. I have since created multiple split-band rings, but I will always look back on this one as the first that I ever made! Turns out my client was super pleased as well and left this rave review. As you know, reviews mean everything to a small business like myself and are a great way to remind me exactly how special the projects that I create are to both myself and to the people who receive them.

“It’s perfect, and that’s all I have to say about that. Thank you soooo much for making this dream come true! I love it and am so excited to wear it EVERYWHERE! I've already gotten several comments on how beautiful it is, and have let those people know where I got it! My boyfriend commented on it again this morning after showing him yesterday, saying it's a truly beautiful ring that fits me perfectly and that he can tell the amount of labor and craftsmanship that went into it. He's very impressed! For me, I love how subtle the contrast is between the two metals and how understated and intricate the fine details are. It's lovely from afar, but requires getting up close to appreciate all those details. You were absolutely right, photos do not do it justice.” - EG

Have you had a recent shift in your stage of life? Do you have jewelry that is no longer relevant, but you still love the materials and want to see them transformed into something new? That's exactly what I can do here in the studio! Take a look at our commission tab on the website for more information on how this process works. And if you have any questions, be sure to reach out, I'd love to know more about your special project!


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