Treasured Memories Ring Redesign

Kristen Baird

"There's nothing more exciting than taking treasured family jewels and re-inventing them so they can be worn on a daily basis. My client wanted a piece that could showcase her sentimental engagement + wedding diamonds, her mother's engagement diamonds and her 16th birthday diamonds in one piece. She asked for a design that would be sturdy for her active lifestyle, yet unique in style. 
I have to say, this is one of my favorite designs to date. The cluster style works so well for incorporating a variety of gem sizes. The 18K yellow gold highlights all the sparkles. And of course, the texture and smooth ripples gives this piece an intricacy and fluidity that makes my heart happy! So grateful for clients who give me design freedom and are excited about the process." -Kristen
Treasured Memories Ring Redesign_Commission by Kristen Baird Jewelry
Diamonds and Designs.  #2 was the winning design... now for the game plan!
Treasured Memories Ring Redesign_Commission by Kristen Baird®
When incorporating several sizes and cuts of diamonds, extra care is taken to make sure the layout and pattern flows well and that the diamonds fit into their spaces. With lots of tiny diamonds, it's a juggling game... just don't drop one!
Treasured Memories Ring Redesign_Commission by Kristen Baird®
The setting process requires precision and attention to detail. Each stone is unique so each setting is drilled and cut for that exact stone. This is especially true with older vintage-cut diamonds as they typically aren't as precisely cut as today's hearts and arrows cut diamonds. BUT that is also the beauty of working with older diamonds. They have life and charm to them! It's one of my favorite parts of reusing materials. Oh the stories! 
Ta-da! All done. Lots of polishing and cleaning reveals this beauty! I'm so proud of this special little lady! 
Treasured Memories Ring Redesign

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