Warrior Women Necklace

Kristen Baird

"When my client came to me with a box of jewelry, inherited from generations of women in her family, I knew this was going to be a fun project! Though the pieces of jewelry were lovely, they weren’t my client's style and she felt a heavy burden that by not wearing the pieces, she was somehow letting down her relatives.

I remember telling her, 'let me do the thinking, planning and creation'. You've done the big step of bringing me the pieces. Now you get to enjoy!! We worked 13 pieces into one STATEMENT necklace that is as meaningful as it is gorgeous.

When I presented the final piece with a packet showing the jewelry-making process, my client started tearing up. When she opened the box with the necklace inside, it was immediate waterworks. I always judge everything on the tear factor, and clearly, I did my job well." - Kristen

Warrior Women Necklace Redesign_by Kristen Baird®

 So many beautiful pieces with SO much potential. 

Warrior Women Necklace_Redesign by Kristen Baird®

 Creating the design and completing the CAD model. This was such a technical masterpiece that needed loads of planning to insure that it worked perfectly. Many people don't realize the time and pre-planning that goes into a successful piece. The goal is to make it look effortless... like magic.  

Warrior Women Necklace Redesign Process by Kristen Baird®

 Each piece accounted for. Each stone charted. All telling a story. 

Warrior Women Necklace_Redesign_Kristen Baird

The plan becomes a reality. Clean, clean, clean. Set, set, set! 

Warrior Women by Kristen Baird

Done and presented. Immensely Proud of this Stunner! All of the inherited jewelry in one place to be cherished, worn, and eventually passed down to the next generation. 

"I’m so excited that everything turned out well and that the necklace is close to being mine. Thanks!" - MG 


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