Wavy Wedding

Kristen Baird

I love when paths cross in such unique ways. Our world is extremely large, yet so small at the same time. This client happened to be located in Pittsburgh, PA, but was coming down to visit Savannah and in doing a little digging, decided she really liked my jewelry. She reached out via my contact form and mentioned that she would like to meet with me. 

Unfortunately, during her visit, she lost track of time and we didn't get to meet. Bummer! I thought that was the end of that, but little did I know at the time that I would end up chatting with her again. About six months later, she came back into town for a wedding, and this time, she reached out a little early, so that we could properly coordinate the meeting in person. Read on to see how this Wavy Wedding band made its multi-state, multi-meeting journey from a dream to reality.

Wavy Wedding- Design and Ideation by Kristen Baird

Design in real time

I truly enjoy and cherish meeting my clients in person to create custom pieces for them based on my signature design elements. For a long time, this client wanted a new wedding band since hers had been lost for years. But she just couldn't find exactly what she wanted, that is, until she saw my silver jewelry. She loved my signature sterling silver Ripple Bands with their effortlessly smooth and flowing style, but wanted her piece in 14 karat yellow gold. When this client reached out the second time around and mentioned that she was planning on visiting Savannah again, I offered to meet up in person, so that we could design her perfect ring in real time. And we did just that!

The Kristen Baird® experience

I ended up bringing my entire selection of silver rings to the meeting (including some exclusive pieces hot off the press) and we narrowed it down to four bands that she liked the most. One of the cool things about getting the Kristen Baird® experience (if I do say so myself) is that we can pick and tailor the precise details from different inspiration pieces into an ideal piece that perfectly suits the client. She loved the undulation of one of the rings, the size of the other ring, the patterning of the third ring, and the wave of the fourth ring. My work was definitely cut out for me! But since when do I ever back out of a fun challenge like this?

Wavy Wedding- Casting and Cleanup by Kristen Baird


Inspiration incorporation

With my four signature rings laid out in front of me for a visual, I incorporated one inspiring design element from each of the rings to create the most absolute band for my client. It had just the right balance of wave, thickness, width and texture. It was now perfection in silver and needed to be cast into gold - so off she went! Once my casting came in, it was time to clean and polish this 14 karat yellow gold beauty. And oh, how she started to shine!

Wavy Wedding- Final by Kristen Baird

Wonderful Wavy Wedding band

Check out this wonderful Wavy Wedding band! Comfortable? Yes! Easy to wear? Definitely, yes! Exactly what my client was looking for 4 years? Yes, yes, yes!  I absolutely adore how this piece came out and I'm even happier that my client did too. Take a look below at what she had to say about her experience. As a small added bonus, I was able to ship the band to my client (who was back in Pittsburgh by that time), to arrive just in the nick of time for her anniversary. Sometimes, perfect timing is everything!

“It’s PERFECT! I absolutely love it! And, we opened it right on our anniversary, so the timing couldn’t be better. Thanks so very much for making my wishes turn into reality! All the best!” -BH

Have you been putting off replacing a piece of misplaced jewelry? Or maybe you've been searching for the perfect piece, but just can't find it? Reach out and let's chat! If you love my style, we can definitely tailor a piece just for you! Find us here and let’s get started!

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