A Day in the Life of a Jewelry Designer - Holiday Rush

Kristen Baird

The holidays are approaching faster than a flying sleigh, and that means go-go-go time here in the Kristen Baird® Studio. If you’ve ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a jewelry designer looks like in the thick of the holiday season, you’re in luck. 

Follow along with me as I dash away through the day!

6:45 AM

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Early Morning

Wake up! It’s time to shake off those visions of dancing sugarplums and get the kiddos up for school. Brush teeth, clothes on, breakfast. And don’t forget…

7:00 AM 

COFFEE! My Jura espresso maker makes the best latte. I like mine with a splash of honey and lots of milk froth. Ahh! That’s better.

7:50 AM

Into the car on the way to school. We make the morning drive fun with our daily “scavenger hunt.” Today, I have the boys point out any holiday decorations and pumpkins they spot along the way. (We counted eight pumpkins!) 

8:00 AM 

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Studio Mornings

Abby arrives. She gets into the studio ahead of me to get the place warmed up. Machines on, tools out and organized, and elves at their workstations. (Oh, how I wish we had elves…)

8:15 AM

I arrive at the studio and the day officially begins!

8:30 AM

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Business

Email check. I review any questions or updates from clients and see if any orders have come in overnight. I also double-check which packages are coming in or out today. I make a note that an order is coming in from the casting house. Thank goodness, because I need to get those new pieces to the gallery.

8:45 AM

Accounting update. I prep invoices and reconcile receipts like a good business owner. Not the most fun part of the day, but very important.

9:00 AM 

Voxer check-in with my marketing team. Jeana has finished editing the Instagram reel I filmed yesterday and is posting it today. She needs images of my newest pieces. Emily has finished up a new blog post and is waiting on edits from me. I add those to my to-do list. 

9:30-11:30 AM 

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Studio Time

Studio time! Abby and I have our work cut out for us today. Four galleries have sold pieces and need their stock replenished for the holidays. I make sure each one receives a variety of gold and silver pieces. Plus, two galleries have sent me rings that were sold but need to be resized. Abby is a huge help with the resizing and putting the finishing touches on my production pieces. 

12:00 PM 

The doorbell rings. My new care cards, bio cards, and business cards have finally arrived! Just in time too - I was running dangerously low and I have packages shipping out today. 

12:15 AM 

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Photography

Abby and I step outside to do a quick photoshoot of the pieces we’ve just finished. I send the new shots and video to Jeana to add to our Stories.

12:30 AM 

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Behind the Scenes

Abby packages up the pieces we’ve just made, and the resized rings are shipped out directly to the client (with care cards included!) 

1:00 PM 

Abby heads out, and I realize I haven’t eaten lunch. I grab a quick sandwich while reading over that new blog post. 

1:30 PM 

Zoom check-in with Emily. We go over the blog edits as well as some pitch ideas for magazine articles. We also go over my schedule for tomorrow. I have an in-person coffee meeting with a client I need to prep for. 

2-3:00 PM

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Solo Studio Time

A little solo studio time. I put on some music and get to work on a special commission project. This is my favorite part of the day as I watch a stunning new one-of-a-kind piece come to life. 

But whoops. I forgot to turn on my camera. (Sorry, Jeana!) I quickly switch on the camera so I can be sure to have some footage. 

3-3:00 PM

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Admin

Restock inventory in the studio, clean, and prep for tomorrow. I also gather up some sample pieces for my client meeting tomorrow. 

3:30 PM

Time for my daily ritual of anxiously awaiting the UPS delivery man. My castings and materials get here and I breathe a sigh of relief. 

4:00 PM 

Run to the post office to drop off the packages from earlier.

4:15 PM 

Sit down at the computer to quickly input my new inventory into my software and print tags for the new pieces.

4:30 PM

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Family

The boys get home from school and it’s time to put down work and focus on family time. I always try to give the kids my complete attention while they are home. We play games, have dinner together, and read stories. 

8:00 PM 

Bedtime for the babies. Sleep tight! Mommy loves you!

8:30-9:00 PM 

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Closing Shift

Quick email check-in. I answer client questions and review any requests from the galleries. 

9:00 PM

Officially clock out and start prepping for tomorrow. Lunches/laundry/dishes…. You know the drill.

10:00 PM

Night Night!

2:54 AM

Kristen Baird Blogs - Holiday Rush - Inspiration

Inspiration strikes! I wake up thinking about logistics on one of my commission pieces. I can’t fall asleep again until I solve the problem in my brain, but then it’s back to bed to tackle it in the morning. 

I’ll be back at it again tomorrow….

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