Aquamarine: Birthstone of the Month

Kristen Baird

Kristen Baird Blog - Aquamarine Birthstone Cover

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, takes its name from the Latin word for seawater, and no surprise there. Its aquatic colors range from clear blue-green to deep blue, like the depths of the ocean. Legends hold that mermaids kept aquamarine stones in their treasure chests to trade with sailors. These sailors would wear the stone as a talisman to guard against the haunting, beautiful, music of sirens. I can’t say whether these legends are true, but I definitely find myself drawn to the siren-song of this stone!

Aquamarine Basics

Aquamarine is composed of Beryl, the same mineral substance as emeralds. (You may recall from an earlier blog that sapphires and rubies also share the same mineral variety: corundum.) It is a 7.5-8 on the MOHs hardness scale, making it a great choice for daily jewelry. The most sought-after variety is a deep blue called Maxixe, found mostly in Madagascar. The best examples of Maxixe can be very expensive, but lighter tones are more plentiful and gorgeous as well. These lighter varieties are found in Brazil, parts of Africa, and most recently in Pakistan.

Styling Aquamarine

I love using aquamarine with silver jewelry, although I have also set it in yellow and even rose gold. (I’ll share an example of that later.) Aquamarine always looks fantastic when paired with diamonds and opals, pulling out those blue shades nicely. If you’re into pastels, pair it with green amethyst for a soft, springtime look. If you want something bold, combine aquamarine with turquoise or larimar for a funky monochromatic combo. Depending on your personal style, there are really so many directions you can take this stone!

Another thing I love about aquamarine is that some of the prettiest varieties are really quite affordable. This is great news for those March birthdays! Moss aquamarine has trace elements of iron that give it a unique, textured appearance. Milky aquamarine is a light blue variety with internal elements that give it a cloudy, almost sky-like look. Both are great options for larger, statement, pieces with lots of character. 

Kristen Baird Blog - Moss vs Milky Aquamarine

Kristen Baird and Aquamarine

I love creating pieces to celebrate milestones, and this 50th birthday Aquamarine Milestone Bracelet is certainly no exception. As you might imagine, this friend has a March birthday, so we were sure to incorporate aquamarine in this piece, which is a bit of a cross between my Galaxy Cuff and Splash Bangle. While the ripple band is silver, we used recycled bits of the client’s favorite rose gold for the settings, adding a flash of feminine color and contrast. It complimented the light blue stone perfectly!

As I may have mentioned once or twice, I really love mixing gemstones. This Crater Statement Necklace is a great example of how a variety of stones can play off each other. The necklace is available in two versions, dusk and dawn, and they both feature Milky Aquamarine! The translucent light blue blends nicely with both the lighter and darker tones, and each version brings out different aspects of the stone. 

Alternatively, you may want some more subtle choices for your birthstone jewelry. The Sandy Breeze Gem Bangle in Sterling Silver and aquamarine captures both the movement and colors of the sea on a calm day. The best part: these bangles can be stacked over time to commemorate important events and memories for years to come. 

Speaking of stacking, the Meteor Shower in aquamarine is a sweet and petite gift ring that stacks perfectly with any of the rings from my Graceful Glimmer Collection! It features an embedded central gem surrounded by a scattering of tiny texture accents on a petite ripple band. Have fun stacking several together, or mixing and matching with complementary pieces!

Kristen Baird Blog - Aquamarine Jewelry
If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a March birthday, you’ll always find smooth sailing with aquamarine! As the name suggests, aquamarine reflects the peace and tranquility of the ocean as it meets the horizon on a clear day. Many pieces in my Graceful Glimmer collection can be made with aquamarine as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you see something you love!

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