Topaz: Birthstone of the Month

Kristen Baird

Those of you with November birthdays are lucky enough to have not one but two fabulous stones to choose from: citrine and topaz. Citrine is a sunny yellow color. In fact, the name comes from the French word for lemon! In this blog post, however, I want to focus on November’s alternative stone: topaz. You’re probably most familiar with blue topaz, but topaz actually comes in a variety of shades, including blue, pink, orange, brown, and yellow. The rarest (and most expensive) form is a pinkish orange color known as Imperial Topaz. This stone can be found in Russia’s Ural Mountains, and the name is derived from the fact that the Russian royal family always kept the finest versions for themselves. 

For those of us who aren’t members of a royal family, there are still many fabulous versions of topaz to choose from. I tend to use an array of blue topaz in my Celestial pieces and ripple rings, because the dreamy hues evoke both sky and water. There are three basic shades of blue topaz. From lightest to darkest they are: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, and London Blue. London Blue is particularly known for its dark, inky color. Fun styling tip: blue topaz pairs very well with December’s stone, turquoise!

Blue Topaz Shades

Caring For Topaz 

Topaz is an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it’s great for everyday wear. Still, I always advise regularly cleaning your jewelry to keep it sparkling and taking time to have it checked to ensure any stones stay tight and in place. When it comes to metals, I often pair topaz with silver/white metals because the blue-on-silver hues give such a soothing, spa-like effect. To clean silver jewelry with topaz, I advise soaking your pieces in a hot (but not boiling) water bath, then gently scrubbing the jewelry with Dawn dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Make sure you take extra time to clean the oils and grease buildup from around those stones! This will help keep your topaz looking gorgeous. 

Kristen Baird Blue Topaz Jewelry

Topaz Jewelry

As I said above, I love using topaz in my Celestial Collection, and these Drop earrings are a perfect example why. The mesmerizing blue stone hangs suspended like a distant planet and the elegant, elongated form adds movement and sophistication. They’re perfect for both day and night wear!

If you want more shape to your earrings, the pear-shaped Supernova earrings capture much of that same movement with a bit more structure. They were designed to imitate a stellar explosion, full of energy and mystery.

I also love using blue topaz with my silver ripple rings. This Moonlit Path ring features an oh-so-pretty Swiss Blue Topaz that gives a true moonlight effect to this piece. Imagine following a woodland path in the twilight through an enchanted forest… Those are the vibes I’m going for! 

The Serene Snowfall ring features a gorgeous emerald-cut topaz that evokes the color of the sky on a snowy winter day. The asymmetrical band emulates a gently gathering snowdrift - just like the very first November snowfall!

Stacking Rings Guide

November birthdays have the best of both worlds: the bright, eye-popping yellow of citrine and the dreamy, misty blues of topaz. Whatever your style, there is sure to be something great for you. You could also try pairing the two together in either contrasting or monochromatic shades for a truly original and stunning birthstone stack!

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  • Kristen,
    Thank you for the information on blue topaz. November is my birthday month, and I always thought the yellow stone was my “real” birthstone. I do not like citrine. After the bracelet, I would be interested in a ring with sky blue. I will keep in touch. Kathy

    Kathleen Lutkenhouse

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