Christmas Color Gemstones

Kristen Baird

(Cue N*Sync) 🎶Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! And Ha-ppy Ho-o-lidays! 🎶

It’s that time of year again, and here in the Kristen Baird® Studio we’re bumping up the sparkle factor (if that’s even possible) and decking the halls the KBJ way. This means I’m also playing with gemstones that get me into that festive mood. If you’re looking to razzle-dazzle this Christmas, I’ve got the perfect pieces for you. But first, here are some of my favorite red and green Christmas color gemstones!

Jolly Reds

Kristen Baird Blog - Christmas Gemstones - Ruby and Carnelian

Ruby - It should probably come as no surprise that ruby is at the top of my Christmas list. It’s the color of Santa’s suit, Rudolph’s nose, and the big red bow on top of a present. Combined with yellow gold, it makes for the most elevated and elegant of holiday looks. (Picture the Veiled Horizon Gem in yellow gold with ruby… flawless!) Ruby may be July’s birthstone, but it also reigns during the month of December. 

Carnelian - For a very different shade of red, carnelian is a warm orangy-red color, like a crackling fire perfect for roasting chestnuts. This stone is usually cut as a smooth cabochon and set in a bezel. I offer carnelian in virtually all of my Celestial Collection pieces as well as classics like the Mini Splash Gem Bangle

Kristen Baird Blog - Christmas Gemstones - Garnet

Garnet - January’s birthstone, Garnet is said to bring health, wealth, and happiness into the New Year. Red garnet reminds me of the plump berries on a bough of holly or the juicy seeds of a pomegranate. Rhodolite garnet carries a lovely raspberry-purple shade that’s good enough to eat. Contrasting the cabochon or rose-cut stones with a yellow-gold bezel really brings the festive element to the next level! But that’s not all Garnet has to offer…

Holly Greens

Kristen Baird Blog - Christmas Gemstones - Greens

Green Sapphire - Did you know… sapphires also come in lovely shades of green! In fact, sapphires naturally occur in every color of the rainbow. While emeralds are a brighter tone, green sapphires have a deeper forest green. (Think of a thick grove of pine trees.) The gorgeous Lily Pads by the Pond ring was originally designed in yellow gold and green sapphire, and the combination is still a stunner!

Green Tourmaline - Another stone with a wide range of colors, tourmaline is often mistaken for sapphire or emerald. Green tourmaline ranges from a bright candy green to a deep leafy shade. This new Sunrise Sparkle in green tourmaline is a lovely option if you’re looking for a faceted cut in unique colors that catches lots of light. For such a beautiful stone, tourmaline is also very attainable and less expensive than some of the other options on this list. 

Green Onyx - If you’re looking for the perfect green cabochon stone, green onyx is an all-time favorite of mine. Virtually all of my silver pieces can be adorned with this brilliant green stone, but I especially recommend the Splash Gem Cuff for the holidays. With a deep green stone, this cuff can be layered and accented just like a Christmas tree!

Kristen Baird Blog - Christmas Gemstones - Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite Garnet - Excuse me a moment while I get on my soapbox…📣 “Garnets come in green! Attention! Garnets come in GREEN!” 📣 (Thank you for bearing with me.) I just love to spread the news about little-known and alternative versions of popular stones, and Tsavorite Garnet is an absolute treasure. This color perfectly captures the shade of pine needles, sparkling with a hint of frost. It’s a rare beauty, but if you can find it it’s the perfect holiday gift!

Emerald - It’s giving holiday ball. It’s giving Snow Queen. It’s giving Christmas magic. Emeralds are renowned around the world for their brilliant and bright green hues. This elite gemstone is unsurpassed in elegance, and I would be very remiss to leave it out. Like rubies, emeralds look stunning when combined with yellow gold and are very popular in fine jewelry designs. In fact, all of my statement rings are available in lab-grown emerald. (Christmas proposal, anyone??)

Frosty Whites and Sparkles!

Kristen Baird Blog - Christmas Gemstones - Opal and Quartz

Opal - Imagine colorful Christmas lights reflecting off newly-fallen snow. Opal perfectly captures the rainbow colors softened by white and dusted with shimmering sparkles. I’m obsessed with opal’s kaleidoscopic colors mixed with shades of milky white. Opal is also super versatile. It looks great in a bezel, but also beautiful set in prongs. The Sunbeam Ring in Sterling Silver and opal is the perfect piece to evoke the feeling of an untouched, snowy morning. If you’re looking for something truly breathtaking, the Ornate Opal Original commission features a stunning opal fit for a Snow Queen. Just look at how those icy blues and whites play off each other!

Milky Quartz - Like the fluffy trim that lines Santa’s hat, a little snowy accent is perfect for any Christmas look. You can pair your opal Sunbeam ring with a Sparkling Stream in Milky Quartz to create your own winter-wonderland landscape. Or choose a KBCE ring to create your own winter wonderland masterpiece. 

Kristen Baird Blog - Christmas Gemstones - Sparkles

Blue Moon Quartz - While you’re walking in a winter wonderland, you may notice some sparkling blue icicles… or you may be looking at some shimmering blue moon quartz. This sparkling stone is the perfect way to add some wintery magic to your look. For a gift fit for Queen Elsa, look no further than the Nesting Songbird in blue moon quartz.

Moissanite - Still not enough sparkle for you? If that’s the case, well… you’ve come to the right place! I can never get enough sparkles, which is why I always keep a little moissanite around, just in case. This colorless stone is more sparkly than a diamond. Yes, you heard that right. It’s also almost as strong as a diamond and, because it’s always grown in a lab, very attainable. If you want to glitter like the Sugar Plum Fairy herself, the Sunset Sparkle ring in moissanite is for you.

Whoo that’s a lot and - believe it or not - I had to hold myself back from including even more stones! Stay tuned for a future blog where I write about great stones for Hanukkah and other winter holidays!

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