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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you don’t need a giant rock to make the whole place shimmer. It might be better to go with 7 Rings. (Phew! That was a lot of song references. Anyway…) 

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of layering and stacking rings. Gold and diamond stacking rings are the most luxurious way to bedazzle yourself. These beauties may be itty-bitty, but layering them together results in big-time sparkle.
Here’s a deep dive into all my dazzling diamond stacking rings, what makes each unique, and how to find your personal favorite combo!

Kristen Baird Blog - Diamond Stackers - Around the Cosmos

Around the Cosmos

This six-stone band has a delicate wave, allowing it to fit perfectly around almost any larger gemstone ring, like a universal shadow band. It’s an ideal option for a wedding band, but it also looks great in a stack with other smaller bands.

Windswept Whisper

The Windswept Whisper is a three-stone sweetie that also makes a great shadow band for some of my more petite, single-stone stacking rings. The Horizon Mist, Sunset Sparkle, or Sunrise Sparkle rings all pair nicely with this piece. Throwing one of those into a stack along with the diamond bands is a stunning way to add a pop of color.

Kristen Baird Blog - Diamond Stackers - Ebb and Flow

Crown of Daisies

My only 360-degree design, the Crown of Daisies, features diamonds all the way around the band. The evenly-spaced stones make this a perfect anchor for any ring stack. No matter how this piece spins, there’s always a delicate diamond sparkling back at you.

Footprints in the Sand

With tons of active movement and flow, this ring has the most hand-texturing of the bunch. Five petite diamonds follow a scalloped sweep, making it perfect as both a wedding band and a stacker. It strikes the perfect balance between ripple and stackability. (Is that a word? It is now!)

Ebb and Flow

This ring is the most wavy and zig-zagging of all my stacking rings. It also boasts the most diamonds - seven dazzlers in all! The ultimate sparkler, it also pairs beautifully with the Lily Pads by the Pond ring.

Shooting Star

Kristen Baird Blog - Diamond Stackers - Shooting Star

The lovely Shooting Star ring features a single diamond deep-set into a bezel. I’m obsessed with the delicate hand-textured details on this piece. It’s the ideal in-between anchor for your stack. Place it between the Ebb and Flow and Crown of Daisies for a complex and visually stunning style.

Dandelion Bloom Ring

Kristen Baird Blog - Diamond Stackers - Dandelion Meadow

The ultra-customizable Dandelion Bloom Ring has come to epitomize The Graceful Glimmer Collection.  The petite-and-sweet piece is available in white, black, and canary yellow diamonds, in addition to a wide variety of colored gemstones. This ring is so versatile that it can either be worn as a band to compliment a larger piece, or it can be the centerpiece of a stunning stack. It’s all about how you style it!

Dandelion Meadow

My newest diamond stacker band also happens to be my thinnest, another addition to the family of Dandelion rings. This ultra-petite band features six bezel-set diamonds, so it packs by far the biggest sparkle-to-band ratio. It pairs beautifully with any of my larger statement rings because it’s low profile but high sparkle!

Pro Stacking Tips

Kristen Baird Blog - Diamond Stackers - Stacking Tips

When building your gold and diamond ring stack, don’t be afraid to mix metals! All of these bands are available in yellow and rose gold as well as platinum. Using a variety of metals is a great way to play with color without using colored stones, if you want to stick with a diamond-only look. Alternatively, you can throw in a few of my gemstone stacking bands for a more color-forward style. I love alternating between bands with more stones and fewer stones, to keep things interesting, and use lots of different texture variations. 

For even more advice on building your diamond look, check out my blog on The Art of Layering and Stacking.

At first glance, some of these rings might appear similar, but they each have their own unique features. They’re all carefully designed to complement each other and other rings in my collections for endless creativity and fun. Now that you know which rings are which, you can choose your favorites to create the perfect stack that allows you to shine bright like a diamond!

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