Giving Tuesday: SD Gunner Fund

Kristen Baird

One of the biggest parts of Kristen Baird® Jewelry’s core values is commitment to our community. It has always been about more than just the jewelry. We love being involved and contributing our time and resources toward making our mark on Savannah - the city that we love so much! With that being said, we are happy to announce that Kristen Baird® Jewelry has continued our partnership with the SD Gunner Fund for the third year in a row!

SD Gunner Fund Founders Britnee Kinard

About SD Gunner Fund

The SD Gunner Fund is a non-profit organization that was created to assist veterans, first responders, and exceptional children with the financial expense of obtaining and maintaining much needed service dogs. Service dogs are selected to support individuals with mobility, hearing, psychiatric, and brain/neurological disabilities. These dogs are professionally trained to meet the individual needs of their partner and complete tasks such as opening doors, picking up dropped objects, assisting with daily dressing, and pulling a manual wheelchair. But at SD Gunner Fund, while the main mission is to provide service dogs, the vision is far more comprehensive. If a parent of a disabled child or military family is in need, we want them to know they are not in this fight alone, and that we want to help! SD Gunner Fund believes that each person they work with deserves to be heard, cared for, and helped along the way. Whether that is through receiving a service dog or acquiring mental health services and financial assistance for urgent healthcare needs, Britnee and the SD Gunner Team are there to advocate and assist.

How Kristen Baird® Jewelry Is Involved

With the donations that we make quarterly, Kristen Baird® Jewelry has set a goal to fully sponsor a service dog! This is a very exciting goal for us, and we cannot wait to make this goal a reality. Did you know, your purchases contribute to our quarterly donation? That’s right, each purchase counts, folks! In addition, should you want to contribute further, donations to this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization are tax-deductible, and any amount is greatly appreciated. Visit to make a contribution today.

SD Gunner Fund Receipients

SD Gunner Fund During COVID-19

During this global pandemic, small businesses and nonprofits are suffering. Funding for charitable contributions has been cut back and non-profits like SD Gunner Fund have been heavily impacted. While we, at Kristen Baird®, have been able to continue our quarterly support, we know that there is immense need for additional funding so SD Gunner Fund can continue their grassroots efforts where it is needed most. Even during this difficult time, SD Gunner Fund has found a way to go above and beyond to not only provide service dogs to those with disabilities but to expand their services and make an even greater impact. 

SD Gunner Fund has been working on Operation R&R (Restaurants & Responders). This short term project was created to support local restaurants and first responders by purchasing meals at a for-profit price from restaurants and donating them to responders keeping revenue flowing for our local food venues and responders fed in this time of crisis.

SD Gunner Fund also annually pairs with Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy to pay off children’s past-due therapy bills at the end of the year, provided that funds are available - a big need right now! And of course, SD Gunner Fund has continued to stay busy with 20 dogs in training classes - preparing them to be matched with their forever homes as service dogs for those in need.

While SD Gunner Fund is so grateful for every donation and the volunteered time they have received recently, the team always wants to remind people to know exactly who they are donating to and how their money will be spent. SD Gunner Fund has always been transparent and uses 100% of any financial support for their dog training, financial aid, and special programs. However, many other “nonprofits” have taken advantage of the coronavirus and are not open with how they are using their funds. Check out SD Gunner Fund’s website at or their Facebook page at to find out how you can make a difference!

SD Gunner Fund

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