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“Alexa, play Pomp and Circumstance!”

Bum ba-da-bum daaaa-dum. Bum ba-da-bum bum. 

Ah, graduation season. It’s a joyful time of transition with just a touch of bittersweet. Cakes, parties, happy tears, heartfelt goodbyes to those favorite teachers, and hopeful excitement for the future. It’s also a great time for - you guessed it - heirloom jewelry! Believe it or not, my most requested pieces are not intended for romantic gestures (although I certainly do that), but for heartfelt moments between family members and important life milestones. I’m honored to help families celebrate their special moments by creating gifts that commemorate the passage of time and the bonds you share together.

The perfect graduation gift is something for her to treasure as she embarks upon her bright and exciting future. It should be something both extra-special to mark the occasion but also easy for everyday wear, so she can carry you with her wherever she goes. Here are just a few suggestions for lovely graduation gifts for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or goddaughter! 

Kristen’s Top Picks for Graduation

School Color Ring Stacks

Kristen Baird Blog - Graduation Gifting - Ring Stacks

Let’s face it: most class rings just aren’t that cute. Help her celebrate her school in style with a timeless ring stack in her school colors. A trio of Bubbling Brook rings is a fun alternative to the traditional class ring. The comfortable bezel setting and the petite ripple band make the rings super comfortable to wear every day, but the handcrafted texture makes each individual one unique. The ring comes in 24 color options, but on the off chance you can’t find the color you need, just reach out. I’ll help you pick the perfect stone!

If your graduate is more of a mix-and-match young lady, swap in the Dandelion Bloom ring. This is my most customizable ring yet, and it pairs perfectly with the Bubbling Brook. Even better, I can incorporate heirloom accent diamonds from your own jewelry. This adds a super-sweet bit of sentimental sparkle, sure to bring tears to her eyes. (If she’s not crying already because, hello, it’s graduation day!)

Sunset Sparkle

For the elegant graduate, the Sunset Sparkle is another easily stackable ring with an extra touch of refinement. This petite ring features an asymmetric undulating band, gently circling a round faceted gemstone, which is dazzlingly displayed in a four-prong setting. 

This beautiful ring is available in sterling silver along with a brand new option for yellow, white, rose gold and platinum with a wide variety of stones. So create one in her school colors, match her birthstone, or even add an heirloom stone to make this piece truly special!

Seashell Sparkle

Kristen Baird Blog - Graduation Gifting - Header - Seashell Sparkle

Necklaces are yet another great way to incorporate heirloom pieces into your graduation gift. The Seashell Sparkle necklace features five delicate specks of gold or silver, smoothed over time to reflect light in every direction. Each speck can be personalized with a petite gemstone of your choosing. Add her school colors or perhaps a birthstone for each member of your family. (You can also adjust the number of specks if necessary.) That way, she can always carry you close to her heart. 

Graduation Commissions

Graduation is such an important milestone in a young person’s life, it might warrant something totally one-of-a-kind. In fact, graduation season has always been one of my busiest times of year for commissions. Commission pieces are highly personal works of art designed to express your unique stories. 

For a little inspiration, here are two of my all-time favorites. (Warning: you may want to grab your tissue box before reading!)

Kristen Baird Blog - Graduation Gifting - Custom Gifts

Godparent Gift 

This whimsical treasure is a play on my Encompass Necklace but with an extra-sentimental twist. This gift from two godparents to their goddaughter for her graduation features three birthstones: hers in the middle and theirs on each side. The circle is a symbol of eternity and the placement of the stones denotes balance, showing that the two of them will always love and support her, wherever life takes her next. 

Doesn’t that smile just say it all?

Alexandrite Graduation

There's such a special bond between a grandparent and a grandchild, and I’m always honored to create pieces that help these memories live on. This bespoke necklace was crafted from several pieces of jewelry belonging to the client’s grandparents and parents, including a ring, a pendant, and several different stones. 

Together, my client and I dreamed up an organic, petite, and sweet design featuring a stunning alexandrite from her parents’ ring accented by diamonds from her grandparents and bezels from the pendant. The client was able to take her one-of-a-kind necklace with them in the next phase of her life: medical school!  

For more information on special projects like these, visit my commission process page.

Ultimately, graduation gifts are about expressing your love and support for the young person who is growing up so fast… right before your eyes! There are so many ways to let her know you care, but if a sentimental jewelry piece feels right to you, don’t hesitate to reach out! I can help you dream up the perfect piece to melt her heart. 

Congratulations to all the graduates out there. Oh, the places you’ll go!

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