Hanukkah Gemstone Gifting Guide

Kristen Baird

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate! This time of year is always delightfully busy here in the studio, with so many people choosing sentimental and personal gifts for their friends and family. Recently, I’ve felt very drawn to icy blue and white gemstones. They’re just so lovely for this time of year, and they also make perfect gifts for Hanukkah! For those of you who celebrate the Festival of Lights, or anyone who wants to evoke that cozy wintery vibe, here’s a little gemstone gifting inspiration!

Brilliant Blues

Kristen Baird Blog - Hanukkah - Lapis

Lapis - Lapis is a gorgeous deep-blue to indigo gemstone with beautiful white, gold, or black inclusions. I prefer to use lapis in cabochon settings to really show off the color and the patterns. Drop Earrings in lapis is a lovely gift for a niece or granddaughter. Alternatively, the Bubbling Brook ring in lapis is the perfect base for a festive ring stack. But what to add next?

Blue Topaz - November’s alternative birthstone topaz comes in three gorgeous shades of blue. London Blue Topaz is a beautiful deep inky tone, while Swiss Blue Topaz is reminiscent of the color of filtered moonlight. Sky Blue Topaz is the light blue of the sky on a sunny day. If you’re looking for a statement piece, The Serene Snowfall in Swiss Blue Topaz or the Infinite Horizon in London Blue Topaz is a captivating wintery classic.

Blue Zircon - December’s birthstone Blue Zircon is commonly confused with Cubic Zirconia, but there’s nothing fake about this brilliant blue stunner. Blue Zircon has a slight teal undertone, which gives extra pop to the color. Even better, Blue Zircon is an incredibly sparkly stone. I can never get enough sparkles! Up until recently, I haven’t been using Zircon in many of my pieces, but I’m excited to say I’ve added this unique stone to my collection! (Reach out to inquire about options Blue Zircon options.)

Kristen Baird Blog - Hanukkah - Alexandrite

Alexandrite - While we’re pumping up the glam, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention peerless Alexandrite. This elite stone changes color like magic from blue to purple, to pink, depending on the light source and the angle. For a completely unique and beautiful gift that will be treasured for a lifetime, consider the new Sunburst Pendant in gold and alexandrite. For an elevated addition to your Hanukkah stack, the Raindrops on Roses ring will truly bring the bling. 

Aquamarine - Like a glittering icicle illuminated by a bright beam of light, aquamarine captures the cool colors of wintery ice. The Sandy Breeze Gem bangle in silver and aquamarine is a perfect sweet and simple gift. You can also stack the Sandy Breeze bangles with a range of blue stones to create your own twinkling snowscape!

Tanzanite by kristen baird

Tanzanite - Tanzanite is another gorgeous gemstone that I work with all year round. I’m obsessed with the deep blue or violet tones of this gem, and the way different shades often swirl together while still letting through tons of light. For a gift that will take your loved one’s breath away and bring any ring stack to the next level, look no further than the Lilypads by the Pond in tanzanite.

Kristen Baird Blog - Hanukkah - Turquoise

Turquoise - Tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise are all considered December birthstones, so they are truly a trio for the holiday season. Turquoise in particular is by far one of the most well-known and beloved of the opaque stones. The cool blue-green tones are just so soothing and relaxing. Essentially all of my silver pieces are available in turquoise, but for an extra-special Hanukkah gift, I especially recommend the Cascade ring in turquoise and Swiss blue topaz. Look how lovely those colors are together! You can also switch out either gem with an heirloom stone to really make the piece something to treasure. 

Snowy Whites and Sparkles

Kristen Baird Blog - Hanukkah - Pearls

Pearl - There are few holiday gifts as timeless as pearl jewelry. There are also very few gems that can capture the color of wintery fallen snow quite like a freshwater pearl. (Fun fact, pearls are gems but not gemstones. Who knew!) The Mini Pearl Ripple Ring in rose gold would be an elegant addition to an epic ring stack while the Dawning Earrings are the perfect holiday gift for the leading lady in your life.

Milky Quartz - Contrast your bright blues with the Sparkling Steam in milky quartz. This stone manages to mesmerize despite its muted color scheme. Like a cool mist on a winter morning, milky quartz seems to swirl and move with the wind. 

Opal - At first glance, opal appears to be a smooth, white gemstone, but a closer look reveals flashes of glittering color. Like light from a flickering candle, the more you observe it the more it changes. No two opals are the same, but each one is stunning in its own way. Opals are also unique in that they look great in both bezel and prong settings. Consider either the Sunbeam Ring or the mesmerizing Orbit Earrings.

Kristen Baird Blog - Hanukkah - Whites

Moissanite - The only thing this list is really missing is a stone that’s All About the Sparkles, and Moissanite does that job! This lab-grown stunner is a very strong alternative to diamonds, in that it’s even more sparkly and almost as strong! (Diamonds are a 10 on the Moss hardness scale, but Moissanite is a close 9.25.) Like shimmering ice crystals that reflect light in every direction, the Horizon Mist ring in moissanite evokes the magic of the winter season.

That’s a wrap for this winter holiday gifting guide! No matter how you celebrate the season, I hope you found something to inspire you here. Feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas you may have. Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!

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