June Alternative Birthstone: Alexandrite

Kristen Baird

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Here’s a little riddle for you: what’s as green as an emerald, as red as a ruby, and as rare as a diamond? June’s birthstone, Alexandrite, of course! 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t pearls the June birthstone? And yes, classically pearls are associated with June. I absolutely love pearl jewelry. (I made a whole collection of it!) But what if you want something a little bit different? A bit more sparkly, perhaps, or colorful? After all, June is my birthday month and we all know how much I love sparkles and color!

Or what if it’s a really special occasion and you’re looking for a truly show-stopping gift? For my fellow June birthday babies and me, the alternative birthstone Alexandrite is all that and more. 

All About Alexandrite

Kristen Baird Blog - Alexandrite - Necklaces

What makes the extraordinary alexandrite so special? Natural alexandrite is in fact more rare and valuable than diamonds. These coveted stones are among the most lavish in the world. (But don’t let the price tag scare you off. I have solutions!) Aside from its scarcity, alexandrite is admired for its color-changing properties. In natural light, the stone ranges from green to blue, but shine a flashlight on it, and it turns plum red! This transformation is a true example of nature showing off its magic. 

Working with Alexandrite

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When it comes to incorporating alexandrite in my jewelry, I’m a huge proponent of lab-grown gems. They’re 100% real gemstones, chemically identical to stones found in the earth. However, the process of growing gems is more environmentally friendly than mining them. (And you know I’m all about sustainability.) Lab-grown gems are also more affordable and attainable for most people. And that’s great news!

Alexandrite Jewelry

Kristen Baird Blog - Alexandrite - Petite Pop

I adore alexandrite so much that virtually every piece in my Graceful Glimmer Collection is available with a lab-alexandrite option. How gorgeous is this Veiled Horizon Gem necklace with lab-grown alexandrite (above)? The contrast between the blue and the gold is so eye-catching, and just wait until it changes color to rosy red and gold!

If you love that piece, you can also stack it with the Petite Pop in yellow gold with lab alexandrite, for a regal set fit for a queen.

If rings are more your thing, the Raindrops on Roses in Alexandrite is a real show-stopper. Previously, this piece was only available in emerald and morganite, but I’m thrilled to offer it in alexandrite now as well! 

Kristen Baird Blog - Alexandrite - June Birthstone

For any June brides - or June babies getting married - this ring also makes a gorgeous wedding ring. Pair it with the Windswept Whisper band in platinum or the Ocean Band for a colorful bridal set. It’s also a stunning option for an anniversary gift. Incidentally, alexandrite happens to be the gift for a 55th wedding anniversary. Cheers! 

As you can see, alexandrite is truly an extraordinary stone. Even after all the years I’ve spent making jewelry, this stone still has the ability to take my breath away. I’m so happy it’s my birthstone!

I hope all my fellow June birthdays love it as much as I do!

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  • Hi Kristen!
    Happy Birthday!
    I’m a fellow June birthday girl. Love this beautiful alexandrite veiled horizon necklace!

    Marie Foley

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