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Kristen Baird

The most iconic designers are those whose work you can recognize with a single glance. Over the years, I’ve been working hard to develop my unique vision as a jewelry designer and craftswoman. Today, I’m proud to say that Kristen Baird® Jewelry has a style all its own. But how does one identify a Kristen Baird® piece? 

All you have to do is look for these signature elements!

Rippling surfaces

Signature Elements - Ripples and Texture

The best-known feature of my jewelry design is my use of reticulation. This traditional metalsmithing technique allows me to create pieces that appear to move and flow like rolling water. You can recognize my signature rippled look in everything from my original Ripple Rings to tiny stackers, bangles, cuffs, and necklaces.

Hand-hammered texture

Creating the illusion of flowing water requires more than just reticulation. After melting and stretching the metal, I often come in with my hand tools and add tiny textured details. I also incorporate hand-hammering into my more architectural Celestial pieces.

Rolling Landscapes

Signature Elements - Landscapes and Crescent Connections

Whether you see a crashing wave or a snow-covered mountain, my landscape pieces are an adventure for the imagination. Crafted with my signature reticulation and hand-texturing methods, these designs have honored nature’s beauty from the earliest days of Kristen Baird® Jewelry.

Crescent Connection

Another play play on my signature metal granules, the Crescent Connection was a happy accident that came about through experimenting in my studio. Rather than a simple bail or jump ring, this connection links a pendant to a chain through a half-moon-shaped piece with two granules at each end. I use this technique in many of my necklaces and earrings, so when you see this you know it’s Kristen Baird®!

Architectural Frames

Signature Elements - Frames

These clean and simple geometric forms both contrast with and complement my rippling lines. Drawing from my days as an architecture and interior design student, the minimalist shapes encircle my landscapes and serve as the foundation for my modern Celestial pieces. In my Bonjour Belle Collection, irregular rectangular frames recreate the stone walls and cobblestone streets of old France. 

Asymmetric Balance

Signature Elements - Asymmetric Balance

From asymmetrical rippling bands to carefully placed metal granules, I love infusing my designs with a feeling of dynamic movement. While my pieces may not be symmetrical, they’re always carefully balanced and bring a sense of harmony to the whole. 

Mixed Metals

Signature Elements - Metal Granules and Mixed Metals

Here at Kristen Baird®, we are all about mixing metals! Our miniature stacking rings are designed to mix and match between silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. But more than that, I often create two-toned designs using two contrasting metals in a single piece, whether that means adding a river of yellow gold through a silver ring or a contrasting rose-gold bezel. 

Metal Granules

 Speaking of mixing metals, one of the ways I do this most often is by adding tiny metal granules. These minute balls of melted silver or gold can bring that asymmetry and visual contrast to two-toned pieces. 

Inlaid Bezels

Signature Elements - Inlaid Bezels

These unique settings for tiny diamonds are a twist on my granule technique. I create a tiny hole in the middle of the granule to fit a petite accent diamond, giving extra texture to the setting. You’ll notice these on many of my gold statement rings. 

Lavender Fleurs

Signature Elements - Lavender Fleurs

While I’m certainly not the first person to incorporate floral designs into my jewelry, there is definitely a unique look and style to the Kristen Baird® fleurs. Inspired by the lavender flowers that bloom annually in Lacoste, France, each fleur is handcrafted, so no two are exactly the same. Rather than each one being perfect, they are all unique and reflect the beauty and variety of nature. The fleurs are a signature part of my Bonjour Belle Collection. 

Oyster Forms

Signature Elements - Oyster Forms

Most pearl jewelry is strung together on a strand, but Kristen Baird® pearl designs always honor nature’s origins. Rather than strung through, each pearl is half-drilled and mounted on a hand-crafted organic oyster form. Just like the fleurs, no two are exactly alike!

Unique and Colorful Gemstones

Signature Elements - Colored Gemstones

Colors, colors, colors! While I love diamonds, pearls, and all the traditional stones you know and love, I also work with a huge variety of unique and colorful gems. I love creating with rare games, unusual shapes, natural, and lab-grown gemstones. We’re all about color around here!

There is so much more that can be said about Kristen Baird® Jewelry, but I think this covers the basics. Next time you slip on one of your favorite pieces take a closer look. Which signature elements do you see?

Inspired by Nature. Handcrafted with Love.

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