Shipping Jewelry: Do's and Don'ts

Kristen Baird

Imagine you’ve been waiting all week for your brand-new ripple ring to arrive in the mail. 

You have a special space prepared in your jewelry box. You’ve picked out the perfect outfit to wear with it. Maybe you’ve even told your best friend all about it. Always the responsible one, you’ve been carefully tracking the shipment to be sure to not to miss a thing. The doorbell rings, and you fly down the steps to find a flat, white envelope sitting on the front stoop. You rip the envelope open only to discover… a completely flattened ring inside. No! (Cue horror movie sound effects.)

Shipping Jewelry by Kristen Baird

Fortunately, this will never happen when you receive jewelry from us. But what if you’re sending jewelry through the mail yourself? How can you prevent your friend or loved one from meeting this fate? When shipping jewelry, there’s always some risk of loss or damage, but there are a few simple steps you can take to minimize that risk and give yourself peace of mind. 

Here are Kristen Baird’s top Do’s and Don’ts for Shipping Jewelry.


  1. As the story above illustrates, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use a flat envelope to mail jewelry. These pieces are delicate and will get crushed during shipping. Unfortunately, if this happens, it won’t be the fault of the shipper. Instead, we highly recommend the double-boxing method. (More on that later.) If you opt for a bubble mailer, you should still include an interior box to prevent smushing. 
  2. Don’t reference jewelry anywhere on the label, packaging, to-and-from section, insurance form, etc. This is like a big sign pointing at your package saying “steal me!” If for any reason you are required to list the contents of your package, such as for customs or insurance, use a more subtle phrase like “handmade personal accessory.” 

Do's of Shipping Jewelry by Kristen Baird


  1. Do wrap the piece securely and double-box it. YES, double box it!
Expert advice: An economical and environmentally-friendly way to double-box is to repurpose shipping boxes from online retailers. Oftentimes, I find that 6x6x4, 5x5x3, 9x6x3, 7x5x2 boxes nestle nicely together, and you may already have a few lying around! While it might be counter intuitive, using larger boxes to ship tiny jewelry is a great way to prevent theft. People tend to assume small boxes contain jewelry or other valuables, like cell phones. Small boxes are also easier to swipe and run with. Sad, but true. So, stick with bigger, more camouflaged boxes! I mean, really, with a reused box it’s a toss up - will it contain double-boxed jewelry or a value pack of deodorant from a “subscribe and save” order? In a pinch, sturdy boxes for shipping jewelry can also be found at your local shipping retailer.
2. Do take a photo of the piece/s prior to mailing. If anything goes wrong during the shipping process, this photo documentation will help with any claims you need to make.
3. Do give yourself plenty of extra time to make sure the piece ends up where it’s supposed to be. Shipping services are largely understaffed and overwhelmed, especially during the holidays. Keep that in mind when you work with them as well. A smile and a thank you can go a long way!
4. Do always ask for a receipt when you hand the package to the carrier at their location. This is especially helpful for documentation, as printing a receipt requires the carrier to scan the package, which serves as a digital record that they DID in fact receive it.
5. Do make sure to have tracking on your package. It is very helpful to be able to look up where your package is and, even better, plan for its arrival. 
6. Speaking of arrival, if you are shipping to someone in a residential area, make sure that they are aware a package is coming and that they can get to it before their neighborhood “porch pirate” does. Especially around the holidays, porch pirates make a mean and Grinch-like entry. Stink stank stunk! Best be prepared to snatch your packages up before they do.
7. Do strongly consider purchasing insurance on your package. This comes down to value, risk, and reward. It’s always better to have insurance and not use it than to wish you had bought it later. 

packaging Jewelry by Kristen Baird

Side Note: If all this info feels stressful or overwhelming, you can always let us handle it for you! We offer direct shipping and personalized gift wrapping for holidays, birthdays, and all life’s joyous milestones. We love creating fun and memorable packages for your loved ones to unwrap. It’s the best of both worlds: you get to lay back, relax, and be a gifting champion!

Taking these simple steps can help keep your jewelry safe and make sure there are all cheers and zero tears when your special gift arrives. 

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