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My word for 2024 is simplicity. In every aspect of my life, from business to family to fun, I’m striving to simplify. This means cutting out unnecessary clutter and focusing on what matters most. I think simplicity is one of the best gifts a person can give to herself.

One easy place to start simplifying your life is the jewelry box. Who doesn’t have piles of tangled necklaces, tarnished chains, and chunky costume jewelry from the early 2000s? A lot of this stuff is quickly bought and forgotten, taking up mental and physical space. But what if you could clear out the clutter while still having fun and finding ways to express yourself?

The secret is simple: quality over quantity.

The Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

Many of us have heard of a capsule wardrobe. This is the concept of having a small collection of high-quality staples that can be mixed and matched over having closets stuffed full of fast fashion pieces. Capsule pieces can be worn over and over in endlessly creative ways, while fast fashion pieces are often worn once and then tossed - either into the back of a wardrobe or into the garbage. 

This same concept can be applied to jewelry. While I admit that I’m still quite a ways away from the minimalist ideal, the more I clarify my aesthetic as a designer, the more I find myself letting go of passing trends in favor of timelessness and quality craftswomanship. In my opinion, the ideal jewelry capsule wardrobe would include a pair of studs, an artistic hoop earring, 1-3 dangle earrings, 1-3 minimal necklaces for layering, a statement necklace, a set of 3-5 stacking rings, and a set of 3-5 bangles or cuffs. That’s truly all you need to keep a nice rotation of looks. Choose pieces in a few different metals and you’re really good to go!

Choosing the Right Pieces for You

Kristen Baird Blog - Simplify Jewelry Box - Choose the Right Piece

When many people think of a capsule wardrobe, they imagine neutral colors like black, white, and beige. If this is less than appealing to you, don’t worry. You’re not alone! In fact, anyone who knows my designs knows that I’m obsessed with color. I love bright, luminescent, gemstones that can be mixed, matched, and contrasted. When dreaming up my ideal capsule jewelry box, I would opt for stacking rings with striking colors that can play off each other and a variety of metals. That said, you may be more of a pearl girly or a lover of earth tones. Maybe you want pieces in all blues or all rose gold. Choose what makes you feel like you!

As I describe in the Art of Layering and Stacking, it’s always great to start with a basic piece as your base. Petite pieces like the Dandelion Bloom Ring and the Veiled Horizon necklace can be worn on their own for a casual everyday look or dressed up with contrasting statement pieces, like the Sunrise Sparkle. You can step up the glam by adding more layers or switch out pieces with different colors to fit your mood.

Quality Over Quantity

Kristen Baird Blog - Simplify Jewelry Box - Quality Over Quantity

A classic pearl necklace never goes out of style, nor does a pair of hoop earrings. But you don’t need to stick with the standard versions of these pieces. My modern spins on the classics, like the Pearl Bar Necklace or the Ripple Hoops, will never need to be replaced. There’s no need for your staples to be boring; select pieces that you love and will love to wear. 

Once you have a truly high-quality piece of jewelry, you can trust that it isn't going to fade, crack, or go out of style. Even better, all of my pieces can be worn together, even across the five collections. So, if you find a new pair of earrings you love, you don’t need to buy another bracelet and necklace just to match. That’s the beauty of a capsule jewelry box!

Express Yourself 

Kristen Baird Blog - Simplify Jewelry Box - Express Yourself

I know that part of the temptation to buy inexpensive and trendy pieces is simply self-expression. But a collection of high-quality pieces doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with jewelry. In fact… quite the opposite! Because what could be more expressive than something created just for you?

When jewelry isn’t mass-produced, it can be personalized. All my pieces are available in your choice of metal and gemstone, as well as a variety of customization options. When you wear something you truly love, you will never get sick of it, never get bored, and never shove it in the back of your jewelry drawer. Plus, you’ll always know what to wear.

That’s how you do simplicity with sparkle!

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