St. Patrick’s Day Gemstone Guide

Kristen Baird

Erin Go Bragh! It’s March, which means it’s time to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day! I’ve written before about how important St. Patrick’s Day is to the history and culture of Savannah. Since the earliest days of our founding, there has been a proud Irish community here that has woven their faith and traditions into our history, making Savannah the St. Paddy’s capital of the South.

If you’re coming to Savannah during early spring, you’ll be sure to be swept up in the fun. You’re also going to need to accessorize! Everyone knows how important it is to wear green on St. Patrick’s (go avoid getting pinched), but why not deck yourself out in all the colors of the Irish flag?

Here are some of my favorite KBJ pieces in green, orange, and white gemstones!

Sandy Breeze Bangle in Fire Opal

St. Patricks Day Gemstone Guide - Sandy Breeze

Like an Irish glimmer in the eye, opals are full of sparkle and flashes of color. Fire Opals are a beautiful bright orange, like a burning flame, with swirls of leprechaun rainbow mixed in. This unique stone truly captures the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day. The Sandy Breeze Bangle in Fire Opal is a fun way to incorporate a bit of magic into your celebratory look. You can also stack it with opal and lab emerald for a full Irish flag!

Mini Supernova Earrings and Aurora Earrings in Carnelian 

St. Patricks Day Gemstone Guide - Aurora Earrings

Red-orange carnelian is another great stone for the holiday, to add a pop of contrast to a green outfit. I love using Carnelian in my Celestial Collection earrings because the bright, eye-catching colors play perfectly with the geometric forms.

For a sleek, minimalist look, the Mini Supernova Earrings are a fun option. They dangle elegantly and give a sophisticated, elevated look without being overly formal. The Aurora Earrings are inspired by the Northern Lights and include many of my signature elements, like hand-textured details and asymmetrical balance. Which one you love best is really up to you… because I can’t decide!

Sunrise Sparkle and Dandelion Bloom Irish Stack

St. Patricks Day Gemstone Guide - Stacking Ring

Let’s be honest, you knew there would be a ring stack on this list. But how could I leave out this absolutely flawless yellow gold set?

This ultimate Irish stack includes three Dandelion Bloom rings in lab-grown emerald, canary yellow diamond, and lab-grown diamond. The stack is anchored with a Sunrise Sparkle ring in deep green tourmaline, a perfect match for the Irish flag. 

Petite Pop in Emerald and Veiled Horizon Gem Stack

St. Patricks Day Gemstone Guide - Layered Necklaces

You’ll have no reason to go searching for Leprechaun treasure if you’re rocking this bling! I’m swooning over this Petite Pop in lab-emerald paired with the Veiled Horizon Gem in canary yellow diamond. It’s elegant, understated, but oh-so-sparkly. 

Shamrock Pendant 

St. Patricks Day Gemstone Guide - Shamrock

No St. Patrick’s Day accessory list would be complete without my signature Shamrock Pendant, available in your choice of lab diamond or emerald. This playful piece is sure to bring you the luck o’ the Irish everywhere you wear it!

There are so many ways to get creative with your style for St. Paddy’s Day. Whether you take your inspiration from this list or create your own original look, it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself. 

See you at the parade!

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