The Many Qualities of Quartz

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Can you believe I’ve been writing about birthstones for three years? I absolutely love birthstones and, amazingly, there are still a few more alternative stones for me to add to my archives. That said, there are so many incredible stones that I work with every day that are not birthstones but still deserve some love! So, I’m going to start sharing my knowledge about these stones as well. After all, the best stone for your birthday - or any occasion - is simply the one you like the best!

Quartz is one of my most frequently used stones, in part because there are simply so many varieties, most of them very affordable. Pure quartz is a clear, translucent mineral, but various incursions and impurities result in a kaleidoscope of different colors and patterns.

The most well-known variations of quartz are amethyst and citrine. (I bet you didn’t know those were quartz!) I love both of these stones and use them frequently. They’re also both birthstones, so check out those existing blogs for an in-depth dive into these beauties. 

Here are some lesser-known varieties of quartz that I nevertheless use all the time!

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Lemon Quartz

This bright yellow stone is sometimes confused with citrine, but it’s in fact a brighter yellow (like a lemon, of course!) I love pairing those two stones together, like in these Stardrop Earrings.

Rose Quartz

My girly-girls out there will love this soft, pastel pink stone which often has gentle white patterns as well. I typically use this stone as a cabochon to show off the marbled color. How pretty does the petite rose quartz look in these Supernova Earrings?

Rutilated Quartz

One of my favorite variations, rutilated quartz has needle-like internal inclusions that create fascinating patterns. I’m big into using this stone in statement ripple rings such as the Lily Burst.

My one caution: the inclusions can make this stone fragile, so be extra careful with rutilated quartz jewelry!

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Smoky Quartz

Smokey quartz is grayish brown and semi-translucent evoking what looks like swirling smoke from a campfire. This stone always gives me a warm feeling, but also has an air of mystery to it. I just love the fall vibes in this Moonlit Path ring in Smoky Quartz.


When quartz is made up of many tiny microcrystals rather than a single crystal, it’s called chalcedony. There are many subcategories of chalcedony as well! Natural Chalcedony is a light blue and slightly translucent stone that some say has an otherworldly glow. Peru Chalcedony is a more vibrant shade of aqua. The Mini Half-Moon Necklace is available in both shades. Pink Chalcedony is a salmon-pink color and is more saturated than the soft baby pink of rose quartz. You can check an example in these Aurora Earrings.

Other types of chalcedony include carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, and Chrysoprase. Tiger’s Eye gems are known for their orange, red, yellow, and brown swirling patterns and their silky shine. Carnelian ranges from bright orange to a deeper reddish brown. Finally, Chrysoprase is the color of a Granny Smith apple! All of these variations are popular in my Splash Gem Cuffs, silver Ripple Rings and even Kristen Baird® Collaborative Experience pieces! (As of this writing, there’s a Tiger’s Eye available. Hurry up and snag it before it’s too late!)

Kristen Baird Blog - Quartz - Chrysoprase

Whoo! That’s a lot of information in one place, but believe it or not this only scratches the surface of all the different types of quartz. I hope this blog piques your interest in the many possibilities and varieties of this fascinating stone!

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