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First, can I get a WHOOHOOO!?!?

That's right, here at Kristen Baird, we are now officially recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as a registered trademarked business. What does that actually mean, you might ask. Well, let me fill you in! 

Kristen Baird Patent Registration

Back in February, I decided to go ahead and level up my business. These days, copying is a real issue and this girlboss knew, with more attention coming my way, I needed to be protected. When I started my business, I thought I would spend my days designing and making jewelry. Little did I know, that's only part of being an entrepreneur and business owner. After reading up on the *thrilling* topic of trademarks and registrations, I decided I needed to call in some help...and fast! 

I gave a call to Kate Strain at Beltzer PC and after talking for a bit, it was time to move forward. Of course, I'm a real chicken when it comes to big decisions, but I knew this was what I needed to do and I knew Kate was the lady that was going to get me there. I jumped in headfirst, Kate got the paperwork submitted, and I got ready for what was to come.

............RADIO SILENCE.........

This process takes forever and all we heard for 5 months was crickets. For my impatient self, it was tricky, but I trusted the process. Then in July, I got word from Kate that my mark was up for the "publishing period", a 30 day publication where people can basically "speak now or forever hold your peace". I responded back to Kate with enthusiasm and excitement at the fact that we FINALLY heard back earning myself the title of "most enthusiastic client" as named by Kate herself.

Not going to lie, I'm very proud of that title! 

The great news, no one objected to my submission. So then...we waited more....until the end of September when Kate emailed me saying I was officially registered!! When I got that email, I happy danced, jumped up and down and sent a congratulatory + thank you email to Kate for all of her help throughout, locking in my "most enthusiastic client" reputation.

Registration Mark for Kristen Baird

Let's just say, I'm excited about the future here and I just can't wait to see what's next. AND now I get to use that little ® symbol cost me a lot of money so you better bet I'll be putting it to good use! 

Legally protected and feeling like a BOSS! 


Kristen Baird® 

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  • Second the ‘most enthusiastic client’ title, you rock! Congratulations!??

    Sara Pitts

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