20th Anniversary Birthstone Cuff

This piece was for a 20th anniversary gift and incorporated so many intricate sentimental details, from specific gemstones to a unique backstory, making this one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet truly a standout piece. And let's just say the Client was quite happy with the process and the final was his wife! Read on to see how this colorful piece came to life...

20th Anniversary Birthstone Cuff Commission Piece_Kristen Baird®

A splashing decision

Like with every strong statement piece, we began with a specific design game plan. This Client had seen my work before and knew that his wife would love a cuff bracelet, so we decided to go with my signature Mini Splash Cuff as the base layer of inspiration. As a personal touch, we wanted to incorporate both of their children's birthstones - peridot and citrine. And what better way to take it to the next level, than by adding diamonds for a little extra sparkle.  

20th Anniversary Cuff_Commission by Kristen Baird

It’s all about the numbers

One thing of importance was the number of each gemstone, diamond, and silver accent. We went with 5 peridot gems, 5 citrine gems, 5 diamonds and 5 plain silver accents – totaling 20 accents on the surface of this rippling cuff. I love working symbolically with numbers to help bring a story to life. I also balanced the sizing on the stones, concentrating on the perfect placement of the biggest gemstones in the center with each additional gemstone descending around the surface like splashes of water drops (or like a confetti burst of colorful stones)! Of course the piece included my signature wavy edge and rippling-textured surface for that extra touch.  

Commission by Kristen Baird_20th Anniversary Cuff

A methodical arrangement

This piece was quite methodical. Once the arrangement of stones was made and once the piece was fully fabricated, it became a very specific process of working on one stone at a time, until all 15 stones were completely set.

20th Anniversary Birthstone cuff by Kristen Baird

Alas, the perfect fit!

As you can see, this 20th Anniversary Birthstone Cuff came out just perfectly. Full of texture, pops of color in the form of birthstones, a little extra diamond sparkle, plus lots of ripples and waves to keep the organic feel alive. For this colorful, art-loving couple, this milestone piece was the perfect fit! 

"OMG I love it. I'm tearing up!!! ❤️❤️❤️ It fits perfectly. Thank you!" -KS

Do you have a big milestone coming up? We’d love to talk over ideas! Be sure to reach out and let's schedule a time to chat.

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