You Just Found Kristen Baird® Jewelry on Google. Now What?

Kristen Baird

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Well, hello there! So great to meet you!

I’m Kristen, the founder and designer of Kristen Baird® Jewelry and, yes, it’s really me behind everything you see here. I hand-craft every piece of jewelry right in my Savannah studio and answer every email myself. 

That’s just how we do things around here. 

Getting Started

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Kristen Baird® Jewelry is an award-winning fine jewelry brand inspired by the natural beauty of the American South, from the rolling rivers that empty into mossy marshes to the endless skies filled with stars. By combining traditional metalsmithing techniques with modern technology and juxtaposing organic shapes with architectural forms, I have created a unique visual style that’s quintessentially Savannah and undeniably Kristen Baird®. (You can learn more by watching my brand video.)

Each of my five distinct collections (Ripple, Pearl, Celestial, Bonjour Belle, and Graceful Glimmer) is inspired by different aspects of nature and different phases of life. Which speaks to you the most?

Dive Deeper

Love what you see? There’s so much more to explore! Thanks to my incredible team, we have an extensive Sparkle Blog and social media archive. (Hey, I can’t do everything by myself!) 

A great place to start is our Birthstone Roundup, where you can find deep dives into traditional and alternative birthstones. Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about stone cuts or following a Day in the Life of a Jewelry Designer! Whether you want to learn about ancient jewelry techniques or this year’s trends, we have you covered. 

If video is more your thing, check out our Instagram and TikTok for behind-the-scenes looks at how my jewelry gets made!

Customization and Creativity

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Kristen Baird® Jewelry is the opposite of a mass-produced jewelry brand. We are a small local business with a national reach. Every piece is made-to-order and touched by me personally, which means there are always options for customization and personalization. 

Aside from the wide range of gemstones and metals on our site, you can always reach out if you need more options. Most of the time, we simply don’t have the space to list every possible color or gemstone for a specific piece. So just ask!

We’re also happy to tweak any design to suit your style. Want something two-toned? Maybe a smaller version? Or maybe a bezel instead of a prong setting? No problem! All you have to do is reach out.  (And yes, that contact form goes directly to me, Kristen.)

The Commission Process

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Looking for something completely original? It may be time to consider a commission. In the art world, a commission is a request for a unique original work in the style of that artist. I consider all my custom pieces to be commissions because they are collaborations between myself, the artist, and you, the client. I will work with you every step of the way to create the piece of your dreams.

To get started, I highly recommend checking out my Commission Blog to get a feel for my style. If you like what you see, you can get an in-depth run-down of my commission process.

Finally, fill out the Commission Inquiry form to get the ball rolling. I will read through every detail and then get in touch with you directly. 

Join the Sparkle Club!

Last but certainly not least, you can stay up-to-date on all things Kristen Baird Jewelry by joining our Sparkle Club Newsletter! You’ll receive monthly insights into jewelry trends and behind-the-scenes industry secrets. Oh, and you’ll see lots of pretty sparkles!

I’m so glad you’re here!



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