Blush Band

Kristen Baird

I love when a client comes to the table already knowing about my work and having already pinpointed what they love about what they see. That makes my job so easy! This particular client is the prime example of that scenario. She knew she wanted a band to coordinate with her existing stack and she knew exactly the details she without wasting any time, it was off to the races for this Blush Band design.

Blush Band - The Design by Kristen Baird

Distance is no problem!

This client knew she wanted a band and knew she wanted it to be a little thicker than most of the designs she’s seen on my website. So I decided to create a straight line band with a little wave, lots of texture, and thickness wise - about double of my signature Rhythm of the Sea band. To make sure that this band would work with her existing stack, I sent the silver model to the client for her to try on. She's in North Carolina, but in my line of work, distance is only a teeny tiny bump in the road. Surely, we can make it work!

Blush Band - Process by Kristen Baird

It’s never “too much” to do rose gold

Once the client tried on the band and determined that, not only did it fit perfectly, but it also went just right with her existing set, she came up with the following idea and contacted me right away to run it by me. Would it be crazy to do her ring in 14 karat rose gold? Of course not! I was all in on that idea - you know how much I love mixing metals! So there we went. I sent her model off for casting into 14 karat rose gold. When I received the ring back ready to do all of the hand finishing, texturing, and final details, I was almost giddy opening the package. This band looks so good!

Blush Band - Final by Kristen Baird

Beautiful, in all her glory!

So here she is in all her glory, my client’s very own Kristen Baird® original Blush Band to add to her stack. The rose gold perfectly compliments the white gold and the details with slight wavy textures is not too much, nor too little. It’s simply perfect. But don't take it from me, check out this happy review from my client:

 “Love, love it!!! 🥰 🥰 🥰 It is perfect Love your jewelry! Definitely will be in touch in the future.” -TM

Do you want to create a stacking ring to add to your existing combination? I'd love to make that happen. There's nothing better than a versatile stack that is full of texture and life! Reach out if you have ideas. I'd love to chat!

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