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Kristen Baird

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Sometimes a hundred variations simply aren’t enough! 

One of the best things about being an independent designer is that I truly can tailor anything to my client’s exact needs. No matter how many options I put up on my website, there’s always more to imagine. A little tweak there, and little twist there, and we end up with a one-of-a-kind creation. 

Customizations, or little variations and upgrades to my collection pieces, are our bread-and-butter around here and some of the most fun pieces to make. Here are some of my recent favorites!

Seastone Sparkle Earrings

Commission Round-Up - seastone sparkle earrings

It’s no secret that I love opal, so when a client asked me if I could set her daughter’s October birthstone in my Seashell Sparkle earrings, the answer was an enthusiastic yes! In order to make the most of the multi-colored cabochon stone’s sea glass-like effect, I set them into a larger bezel than I would with the typical studs.

Her daughter especially loves dainty dangles, so we set these Seashell Sparkles onto leverbacks and added a tiny prong-set diamond at the top for extra sparkle. The entire set was crafted in white gold. So elegant!

Blue Galaxy Cuff

Commission Round-Up - Blue Galaxy Cuff

This client had a ring with three beautiful Sapphire ovals, which she never wore. Talk about a waste! We knew we wanted to put those stones to good use, so they could be in the spotlight where they belong. She’s always loved the Mini Galaxy Cuff, so we incorporated her stones into the piece. The three blue beauties are set in 18K yellow gold bezels that seem to flow along the silver band. I also incorporated the signature yellow gold granules, like stars in the night sky. A stunner!

Serenity Ring

Commission Round-Up - Serenity Ring

Groovy cosmic vibes! This client saw my Serenity Necklace at a gallery and asked “Could you do that in a ring?” Of course I can!

This out-of-this-world ring features the oval frame from the Serenity Necklace set onto an Ocean Band. As with the necklace, the main frame and band are both silver, with yellow gold granular accents. We also opted for three stones, one Peridot and two Lemon Quartz, in gradually ascending sizes. The resulting ring is one of the most fun and funky pieces I’ve created in a long time! Talk about a statement. 

Twinkle in Her Eye (Blue Topaz Combo)

Commission Round-Up - Twinkle in Her Eye (Blue Topaz Combo)

This client had two Blue Topaz stones that needed a style upgrade. First, we took a large emerald-cut Topaz out of a bracelet and set it into a ring. This was very similar to my Twinkle in the Sky ring, but with a larger stone and two-toned. The prong setting of the center stone and the bezels on the diamonds (from her mother’s ring) were yellow gold while the band was silver. Such a stunner!

As if that wasn’t enough, this client also had a heart-shaped Blue Topaz that was being under-utilized in a bezel that wasn’t letting in any light. We removed the stone from the bezel and added the stone to a silver Sunburst Pendant complete with the client’s diamonds. This beautiful set is sure to bring a twinkle to anyone’s eye!

Mini Sunburst Pendant

Commission Round-Up - Mini Sunburst Pendant

Another play on the Sunburst Pendant demonstrates just how versatile this design can be. This sweet and petite version features a smaller, narrower Sunburst frame, again in silver, with the client’s round diamond at the base. (Truly, any cut works with this piece, making it a great option for heirloom stones.)

We finished the piece off with the popular Dewdrop Chain in Silver.

Ever-Changing Orbit Necklace

Commission Round-Up - Ever-Changing Orbit Necklace

This extra-special piece is a sentimental spin on my Orbit Necklace in gold. My client wanted a necklace that would not only honor her whole family but grow along with her family. We used three heirloom diamonds, one for each of her daughters to start the piece. But, the client also has grandchildren on the way! Thanks to my super-precise laser welder, I was able to leave spaces on this necklace for additional, petite diamonds to be added as more family members come into this family’s little universe. 

Because I knew ahead of time that we would be adding more stones later, I set each diamond at a slightly different height, giving me room to work with the gold and - zap - zap in more sparkles later on. I just love this concept, and I’m so glad I have the tools to make it happen!

As you can see, small changes can make a big impact on a piece of jewelry. Hopefully, these customizations inspired you with a few ideas of your own. If so… reach out!

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