Mined Redesign

Kristen Baird

This piece has quite an interesting story behind it. The gemstone, an emerald-cut emerald (it’s a tongue twister), was mined by the recipient's son and was brought to me by the recipient’s husband, who wanted to create a very special ring for his Love’s 40th birthday. I adore when materials are sentimental and can find their way into a new special piece for a big celebration. Read on to see how this Mined Redesign ring came about.

Mined Redesign -Materials and Design by Kristen Baird

The leading lady

At the center, we started with the exquisite emerald-cut emerald, which was mined in North Carolina and cut by a gemstone cutter at the mine. It's so cool that my clients actually found this gemstone in the dirt, and that I was given the opportunity to bring this beauty to life. To add more sentiment to the piece, the client also wanted to incorporate four diamonds from my client’s Gulfstream anniversary pins. What a perfect way to accent the “leading lady” at the center. 

The client wanted his wife to be able to wear this piece by it stunning self, as well as be able to use it as a stacking piece with other rings. We decided that a sterling silver band was a must, streamlined with clean, smooth edges and just the right touch of the Kristen Baird® signature flair. Once we got those details down, it was time to head into the studio.

Mined Redesign - Fabrication by Kristen Baird

Fabrication is key

With an intricate piece like this, fabrication is a key element. The band quickly took its rightful streamlined shape, clean and smooth edges, with a touch of my signature ripple pattern and texture. We laid the emerald in an east-west setting (horizontally) and were ready to add the accents.

Mined Redesign - Setting by Kristen Baird

Prep + Set

Once the “center of attention” was set, it was time to add the accent settings. I enjoy crafting sterling silver bezels out of little scrap pieces of silver and form them to the ideal fit for each of the diamonds. As an added bonus, in this type of setting, you never have to worry about the diamonds falling out because they are fully encased in the metal. Once I pulled the diamonds from the pins, it was time to start on the setting. This piece set beautifully and the emerald shined even more once the diamonds were added.

Mined Redesign - Final by Kristen Baird

Mined Mini Stacker

As you can see this mini stacker came out so cute. I love that I was able to recycle his stones into a new beautiful piece for her, and make her birthday gift that much more special. I was thrilled to hear that the recipient was really happy with her new shiny piece. But don't take it from me - check out their reviews:

His Review: “Kristen, My wife LOVED the ring!! Thanks again!”

Her Review: "“S” worked with the very talented Kristen Baird to make this special ring. "P" found the emerald during a mining experience last year and we had it cut/polished without any idea of what to do with it. “S” added the diamonds from his Gulfstream service awards to each side. And now I have the most beautiful and meaningful ring!!

Do you have an interesting project that you'd like to have made? I would love to chat! Be sure to reach out and let's talk.

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