Mother of the Bride

Kristen Baird

This duo was for a stunning “Mother of the Bride” to celebrate her daughter's big day. She had a beautiful dress selected and wanted something special to not only compliment and color-coordinate with her dress on the day of the wedding, but something that could also be passed down to her daughter in the future. As a little extra sentimental touch, we decided to also use two diamonds from a piece belonging to the daughter's father. I love it when clients think long-term and create pieces that will eventually be gifted forward. Read on to see how this Mother of the Bride duo came to life in time for the big day!

Mother of the Bride - Materials and Design

The Kristen Baird® Experience

My client took the time to browse my website for some visual inspiration, then met up with me in person to be a part of the process, while watching me sketch, brainstorm and design (welcome to the Kristen Baird® experience!). She was quite fond of my Pearl Collection with their organic “dishes” and showed interest in the Supernova Earrings from my Celestial Collection. We decided to also implement a few other specific details like my little signature granule accents, some glittering stone settings, and voilà - perfect designs started to come together. This set truly is a mixture of all of my collections fused into one dynamic duo.

Mother of the Bride - Fabrication

Building the cuff

For the cuff bracelet, I started by building the exterior foundation. I inlaid the “teardrop” shapes inspired by my Supernova Earrings, then built a full framework based around this motif. Then I started forming the piece into a nicely balanced cuff bracelet shape. I added all of the 14 karat yellow gold accents and gemstone settings, along with the cups for the pearls and this piece was ready for the stone setting process.

Mother of the Bride - Fabrication 2

Building the earrings

Similar to the cuff, I started by building the parts and pieces to make the earrings come to life. The pearl “cups” provide a stud base to dangle the supernova shapes from. Combine that with an assortment of gemstone settings for a little extra sparkle. These hybrid earrings truly captured a variety of my signature details and came together quite quickly once the initial brainstorming was done. Then it was time to set the stones, the pearls and do the final detailing.

Mother of the Bride - Final

Elegant and graceful

As you can see, these earrings came out wonderfully with their two-toned beauty. The green tourmaline and green amethyst accents, along with the pearls really highlight my client's beautiful mother of the bride dress. Much like my client, with each elegant movement and graceful sway, these pieces are truly one-of-a-kind!

Mother of the Bride - Final 2

Stunningly beautiful

Bursting with just the right amount of color from the green tourmaline, green amethyst and white topaz gemstones and with an added touch of sentiment from two family diamonds, the cuff came out stunningly beautiful. The 14 karat yellow gold really adds interest and depth to the piece. I love how the clean linear architecture really shines through, while still having my signature pops of color and texture! All in all, the report: the wedding was beautiful, my client looked stunning, and she now has multiple heirloom pieces to pass down to her daughter someday!

I love creating projects that involve composing a mixture of my signature elements to create unique and sentimental pieces. This is the perfect example of such a project. If you have an idea for something you'd like to have made, be sure to reach out! I’d love to chat!

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