Old, New, Blended & Blue

Kristen Baird

Old, New, Blended, & Blue - Final Look

It’s always an honor when a couple invites me to design their custom engagement ring. Every couple is writing the story of their lives together, and the fact that I get to be a small part of that tale is a true privilege. I consider every ring to be a story of its own, and I try to include elements that symbolize the couple’s unique journey and love. 

When my Husband’s nephew asked me to design something special for his soon-to-be fiancé, I was absolutely ecstatic - both for him and for the ring! As the different elements came together, each piece added another layer of meaning, creating a sleek and elegant ring that is much greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Design

Old, New, Blended, & Blue - Design and Materials

Right off the bat, the groom knew two things: his bride-to-be wanted a comfortable ring she could wear every day and she wanted it in the colors of their favorite football team. Right away, I’m in!

We started off by looking at a few different pieces on my site for inspiration. The groom knew that the Horizon Mist ring was the closest match for his love’s minimalist style, but he also wanted to include elements from the Beneath the Stars and Sapphire Sweetheart rings. He loved the east-west center stone and the cornflower blue sapphire, but we opted for yellow gold and added some deeper blue accent stones. 

The biggest change from the original ring design would be adding bezel settings (à la Sapphire Sweetheart). A bezel is a great option for a woman with an active lifestyle because they are super secure and easy to wear. They also give the ring a more modern and sleek look. 

A Touching Surprise 

Old, New, Blended, & Blue - Fabrication

An engagement brings two families together, so it’s always special when I can incorporate heirloom jewelry into the ring. Fortunately, the groom’s mother let me know that she had some very special pieces to share with me. First, there was a 22K yellow gold wedding band that belonged to her grandfather’s aunt. Then, there was a triple-stone diamond ring belonging to her grandmother, the groom’s great-grandmother. Talk about a rich family history! Even better, both of these people had long, happy marriages, so it was a beautiful blessing to include their pieces in the ring. 

After confirming with the groom, we added two accent diamonds to the design. The gold from the bands would be melted down for the ring. Now that I had all the materials, it was time to get to work!

Old, New, Blended, and Blue: Creating the Ring

Old, New, Blended, & Blue - Setting and Finishing

I started with the mold for the Horizon Mist ring but quickly branched off from there. The 22K and 14K gold family rings were blended together to create the 18K yellow band. (I love when my jewelry can be both symbolic and sustainable!) Then, I added bezels for each of the five gemstones. (One center sapphire, two accent sapphires, and two accent diamonds!) - soldering them into place. 

Next, I placed the stones and set them one by one into the bezels. Finally, I added some handmade texture detail to the band and polished the piece until it shined like the stars!

The Big Reveal

Old, New, Blended, & Blue - Proposal

I’m so proud of this piece because it reflects everything from the couple’s personalities and hobbies to their deep love for their families and each other. The amount of thought and effort that went into this piece truly demonstrates how much this young man cares about his bride-to-be. It’s all about that extra personal touch, that bit of thoughtfulness. Not to mention, the ring itself is simply stunning (if I do say so myself!)

I hope she will be able to treasure this piece for decades to come and - who knows - maybe pass it along to her own daughter or granddaughter one day. 

Wishing them many years of joy!

Very excited to see the final product! Very happy you can be part of this big moment in K and myself’s life…. I actually just got back from picking it up. I love it! Thank you so much!  - CS

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