Petite Emerald Beauty

Kristen Baird

I always say, there are no materials too small to be used - all gemstones are here to be well-loved, worn, and cherished! This piece is the perfect example. We combined parts and pieces from 3 heirloom rings to create the perfect 30th birthday present from mother to daughter. Read on to see how this Petite Emerald Beauty came to life...and oh, how beautiful she is!

Petite Emerald Beauty Commission Redesign by Kristen Baird®

A dazzling set of materials

I love when clients bring their heirloom pieces and share the stories behind each one. There's often a lot of guilt that the pieces aren't being worn or that they are going to be passed down to someone who may not appreciate the existing style of the piece/s. That's where I come in and work my magic! With this design, we had beautiful emeralds, diamonds and 14K yellow gold to work with, and we knew that this unique birthday present was going to somebody who loved “layering” pieces, and pieces with lots of versatility that could be worn on a daily basis. I began by breaking down the existing pieces into piles of various materials, then continued by doing a gemstone layout as seen above. There’s nothing like seeing a design come together - visually in 3D!

Petite Emerald Beauty Commission Redesign Process_Kristen Baird®

One can never test too many times

We wanted to use the existing 14K gold to create an exterior form to hold and feature 9 diamonds and emeralds. Once the layout was set, it then became a process of fitting, forming and testing, testing again and then testing one more time, to make sure everything was prepared just right. With any heirloom redesign, there's always a lot of planning and fitting to make sure that the parts and pieces relate to the whole in perfect proportions. Then it comes down to the setting process and that's where I zone in and do my thing! 

Petite Emerald Beauty by Kristen Baird

Petite. Emerald. Beauty.

I absolutely love how this Petite Emerald Beauty came out. It's always so wonderful to see materials reinterpreted into something that will be worn and loved on a daily basis. And this piece is truly so cute...she can be layered, stacked, worn as a combo or featured alone. There's something about this staple piece for a 30th birthday from mother to daughter that just makes my heart smile. 

The necklace has arrived! Lauren loves her necklace!! She was so surprised and loved the story!! It’s beautiful! Thank you! - J A J

Do you have materials lying around just waiting to be used? Do you feel guilty about not wearing something that's been given to you, but also torn about not really knowing what to do with it? Let’s chat! Be sure to reach out by filling out the commission inquiry form or say hello via my contact form. We’d love to work with you! 

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