River Ring

Kristen Baird

"Sometimes, I get the opportunity to design for close friends which is one of the most exciting and most pressure-filled situations EVER! This engagement ring is for a lovely soul who is connected to nature, loves whitewater and everything mountainous" -Kristen

River Ring Inspiration + Design by Kristen Baird

Inspiration: elegance
This engagement ring was for a dear friend and fellow artist/jewelry designer. Her boyfriend and I started with the concept to capture the most elegant curves in nature: a flowing stream, the rise and fall of hills and valleys, then translate them into a unique and modern engagement ring perfect for an on-the-go adventurer. We drew additional inspiration from some of her jewelry designs along with her logo and packaging from her brand. That's where we started.

River Ring Setting by Kristen Baird

It’s all about the curves
The best method for achieving this curvy, elegant, organic look was to utilize CAD (computer-aided design). I modeled the ring in CAD so I could show my client exactly what the design would look like. He decided on an oval diamond at the center, surrounded by platinum waves. This look is so clean and fresh! When the base of the piece was complete, it came down to the finite finishing along with setting the big oval at the center. There's something so beautiful about a minimal design that just makes my heart sing.

River Ring Final Touches by Kristen Baird

Shhh, it’s a surprise!
With this piece, I had to make sure to get lots of photos so I could document as much of this process for my friend as possible. She had no idea this was coming! Fortunately, we pulled it off without the surprise being spoiled.

River Ring Final by Kristen Baird

A perfect fit for my friend
I was so excited when I got a text message from my friend saying that she had just been proposed to with THE ring that I made. Again, these types of projects come with so much pressure attached to them, but the reward is beyond exciting! And thankfully, we nailed it! She was surprised and in love with her new, unique piece. It truly fits her, which made us all so very happy.

If you have a fun idea you'd like to bring to life, give us a shout!

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