Starry Night Ring Redesign

Kristen Baird

This was my first time in a while working with a client’s stone and having it custom cut to fit the design we had in mind. There's something special about collaborating with a gemstone cutter to have something specifically cut to fit an exact design and that just makes me really excited. Read on to see how this Starry Night Ring came to life.

Starry Night Ring Redesign by Kristen Baird®

How it all began

This particular client really loves my Ripple Rings with their signature pattern and texture. She also had this beautiful piece of labradorite that was large and oval with excellent color patterns, but her style was a little more streamlined. Look no further - I had this project covered! For her design, she wanted two-tone metals, using sterling silver for the band and 18k yellow gold around the stone and for the accents. Especially with labradorite, a pop of yellow gold can really enhance the color pattern in the stone. So, that's where we started!

Starry Night Ring Redesign Commission by Kristen Baird®

Challenge accepted

I first had the stone sent out to be cut into a soft-sided rectangle. When I got it back, I started on the bands. Again, this client really loves the signature ripple pattern that I often use in my designs, but she really wanted a clean edge band to highlight her stone. Most of my rings have a wavy, organic edge, so this made it a little challenging for me, however, I'm super happy with the result and I plan on doing more bands in this “new” streamlined style. There's something chic and fresh about the modern flair that gives it a different edge...and, I’m kind of loving it! 

Starry Night Ring Redesign_Commission by Kristen Baird Jewelry

Diamonds or no diamonds, that is the question.

After the band was formed, I moved on to creating the custom setting. While I love working with 14k yellow gold, there's something about 18k yellow gold - it’s smooth like butter. Also an important factor for setting a stone like labradorite. We don't want something that is super hard or brittle surrounding the labradorite, because when it comes to setting, problems arise with cracking the stone. So we settled on 18k, then came the installation of the setting and accents. For this ring we were both on the fence as to whether we should add 18k accents or 18k accents with diamonds. When we got to the stage of making that decision, it was very clear that the diamonds were needed for this piece, like the stars in the night sky.

Starry Night Ring Preview

Like the stars in the night sky

At the end, this piece came out so beautifully. A hint of modern clean edges, two-tone metals, a beautiful custom-cut labradorite with a brilliant blue/green flash, and 18k accents with diamonds to piece it all together.  This was indeed a challenge, but getting to work with amazing stonecutters to create something new and unique was a reward all on its own. Like I always say, there's nothing like recycling something unused into something brand new and beautiful.

"Oh, my Goodness Gracious!!! Stunning! And it fits like a dream!!  I am calling it “Starry Night” because it reminds me of a beautiful autumn sky full of stars!  Just how I imagined it!  Thank you so much!" - Beth W.

Do you have a special project or a material that you'd like to see reinterpreted into a modern, organic new design? If so, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to work with you! Go take a look at our commission tab and commission inquiry form for more information on the process.

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